Is spell speed good on Summoner Ffxiv?

Spell speed is the weakest substat for SMN.

How much does spell speed work Ffxiv?

Spell Speed determines the amount of time it takes to use one spell after another. It reduces the default Global Cool Down (GCD) of 2.5 seconds based on the amount of Spell Speed you have equipped.

How is spell speed calculated Ffxiv?


  1. Auto Attack, DoT and HoT Strength: f(SPD) = ( 1000 + ⌊ 130 × ( Speed – Level Lv, SUB )/ Level Lv, DIV ⌋ ) / 1000.
  2. Weaponskill and Spell Cast and Global Cooldown Reduction (No Haste Buffs): f(GCD) = ⌊ ((GCD * (1000 + ⌈ 130 × ( Level Lv, SUB – Speed)/ Level Lv, DIV)⌉ ) / 10000)/100 ⌋

Does spell speed affect GCD?

Skill speed lowers the GCD for weaponskills.

What stats are good for Summoner?

Summoner Stat Priority

  • Weapon Damage;
  • Intelligence;
  • Critical Hit;
  • Direct Hit;
  • Determination;
  • Spell Speed.

Is skill speed good for Bard?

No. Bard functions at any reasonable skill speed, but there’s almost never a good reason to meld it because it’s the weakest of the four substats on average.

Does spell speed affect cast time?

Affects both the casting and recast timers for spells (not attacks or abilities). The higher the value, the shorter the timers. Also affects a spell’s damage over time or healing over time potency.

Does spell speed affect dots Ffxiv?

It does, but only by about the same amount as det affects it.

Is skill speed good for dancer?

Skill Speed is generally Dancer’s least favored stat and should only be placed on gear to achieve specific speed thresholds where the rotation comes together cleanly.

Does skill speed affect global cooldown?

Global cooldowns typically hover between 2.35-2.47 seconds for most classes for most of the game, depending on your skill/spell speed. Exceptions are Ninja and Monk, who have abilities built into the optimal rotations that push the cooldown lower.

Is skill speed good for machinist?

Skill Speed is our lowest-scaling stat and should be avoided outside of gear-specific optimization. Machinist best in slot is located on our Machinist Best-in-Slot page. Some of the decisions in these lists will differ from the generalized information on this page simply due to stat tier optimization.

How good is Summoner ff14?

The strengths of Summoner include strong damage output, especially in mob situations. They are very useful in Raids, where there are a ton of enemies that can stand close together. They are also great supports, as they can resurrect the healing members of the party if they fall.