Is Splendide a good brand?

Since 1984, Splendide has been a trusted source for quality laundry appliances that save space, weight, and resources. Our laundry centers are efficient, built-tough and tested for max. performance with min. install clearances.

How do I reset my Splendide 2000s?

beginning the test, remove all items from the drum, close the door, and press the ON/OFF button (in). Next, Reset the washer-dryer. To do this, advance the Cycle Selector to a ‘Reset’ position and wait 10 seconds.

How much water does Splendide 2000 use?

Rated in the highest ENERGY STARĀ® tiers, 4A and 4B, your Splendide uses just 9-16* gallons of water to effectively wash and rinse all your fabrics. How?

Who makes Splendide dryers?

Westland Sales
Splendide is a subsidiary company of Westland Sales, a company that supplies compact appliances to both RV and marine industries. Splendide manufactures compact washer and dryers and has been the leading company in its industry since 1984.

How do you clean a Splendide dryer vent?

Splendide Washer/Dryer Lint Clean Out Procedure

  1. With the machine empty and OFF, turn the Program Selector Knob to the start of the first spin cycle. Now push the power button ON.
  2. Open the service door by pressing on the left side.
  3. Clean the filter under running water to help remove all lint and debris.

Can I use Tide Pods in my Splendide washer?

When we got our new Splendide 7100XC I spoke to Splendide about the pods. They said do not use them on any of their models. They said they clean fine but that the problem was that they clog up the tubes because of the quantity of detergent in them.

Can I use dryer sheets in my Splendide dryer?

wash,softner,dryer sheets you get at Walmart and they seem to work great. No liquid spills in those tiny trays on the Splendide. Pogoil. DW stops the cycle between wash and dry, takes the clothes out, shakes them, puts them back in with a dryer sheet and dries them.

Does the Splendide washer have a filter?

Open the service door by pressing on the left side. Turn the filter counter-clockwise to release it from its housing. Pull it out. NOTE: If you have difficulty, the rubber handle ends of pliers or a similar tool can be used to unscrew or tighten the filter.

Where is Splendide made?

Clackamas, Oregon
Splendide. Splendide is the brand name of laundry appliances manufactured by Westland Sales. Based in Clackamas, Oregon, the company specializes in compact appliances for recreational vehicles and small-space urban living.

Can I use dryer sheets in a washer dryer combo?

Question: Can you use dryer sheets? Answer: You can not use dryer sheets in an all in one combo.