Is Splitsvilla real or scripted?

We are not equipped and skilled to script the shows for 18 seasons. It is easy to say that the two contestants were best friends and how can he/she vote them out, so it’s easy to say it’s scripted. Talking about the new season of Splitsvilla, he said that the show was shot during the ongoing pandemic COVID-19.

Are Palak and Nikhil still together?

The news came as a shock to their fans . Nikhil, in a live session on his social media, broke the news to fans and said that they aren’t together as something had to be worked on and some things they couldn’t work on, and thus, they broke up.

Is Gurmeet and Kavya still together?

After participating in Splitsvilla, Gurmeet was dating co-contestant and winner Kavya Khurana but the couple broke up after the show. Gurmeet has moved on in life and is now dating a China-based teacher Brittany Lauren Marie. The two met during Sula Fest and connected instantly.

Did Kat and Kevin patch up?

Kat Kristian finally breaks her silence on being called a cheater, reveals the real reason behind her break up with Kevin Almasifar. Kat and Kevin were the first ideal match on the show. Post that, things didn’t work out and they broke up.

Karan, who was a participant in the ninth season of Splitsvilla, spoke about the other side of the story. If you have been following the show, you would know how sometimes it seems all fake. Be it a male contestant comforting his female friend or the fights, every step of the show seems scripted.

Who is the hottest splitsvillan in Splitsvilla?

Pavitra was not only the hottest  splitsvillan in her season but on top of that she won almost every task given to her.Sadly she became the 2nd runner up But she is one of the splitsvillan who we surely talk about. After her stint in Splitsvilla 3 she grabbed a lead role in a show for Star plus ( Preeto and Love u Zindagi ).

Is Splitsvilla X playing on Women’s insecurities?

By asking male contestants to strip their shirts and flaunt bodies or by playing on women’s insecurities, Splitsvilla X has deviated from the idea. What goes inside the minds of contestants is an intriguing topic.

Who is Dana Vana Splitsvilla 7?

Dana vana was a wild card entrant in Splitsvilla 7.She was  Glamourous and classy that’s what we feel . She is a model and a has her own channel named Dana Vana Tv. This hottie from Israil very well deserved to be in this list.