Is SsangYong Kyron good?

However, the car is practical and generously equipped, and the cabin well built. The Kyron is able off-road, too, making it a good-value workhorse that’s certainly individual. Due here in February, it’s heralded as the most important car the firm will produce this decade.

What engine does SsangYong Kyron use?

SsangYong Kyron
Engine 2.0 L e-XDI 200 D20DT/OM664 I4-T (diesel) 2.7 L XDi 270 I5-T (diesel)
Transmission 5-speed 5G-Tronic (W722-6) automatic

Does SsangYong have a Mercedes engine?

SsangYong Rexton diesel engines Only one engine is offered for the Rexton, a 2.2-litre, four-cylinder diesel. Unlike previous models with engines produced under license from Mercedes, this engine is all SsangYong’s own work, and it’s impressive.

What weight is a SsangYong Kyron?

The Ssangyong Kyron 200Xdi weighs 1845 Kg / 4068 lbs.

How much can a Ssangyong Kyron tow?

Cabin & Luggage

Doors 5
Seats 5
Luggage Capacity 1,085 litres
Unbraked Towing Weight 750kg
Braked Towing Weight 2300kg

How reliable is SsangYong?

However, SsangYong’s standard seven-year/150,000-mile warranty promises good things as far as the Tivoli’s long-term dependability is concerned, showing the brand’s faith in the reliability of its cars. It’s the best warranty on the market and better than anything you’ll find in the compact crossover class.

Are SsangYong in trouble?

Ssangyong Rexton In December 2020, Ssangyong filed for bankruptcy, reportedly owing some 315bn won (£194m) to its creditors, and was ordered to restructure itself by a bankruptcy court.

Who makes the SsangYong engine?

Mumbai based Mahindra Motor Co, India’s largest maker of utility vehicles acquired SsangYong. 2011 also launched the 3rd generation Korando, SsangYong’s first monocoque and uses a new 2.0L home developed diesel engine.

Is SsangYong going to survive?

Ssangyong Australia says “business as usual” despite bankruptcy filing in South Korea. Struggling South Korean car maker Ssangyong says it is “business as usual” and will continue to sell and service cars in Australia – despite filing for bankruptcy just days prior to Christmas 2020.

Is SsangYong in trouble?