Is system of a down working on a new album?

In a November 2016 interview with Kerrang!, drummer John Dolmayan revealed that System of a Down was working on more than a dozen songs for their follow-up to the Mezmerize and Hypnotize albums. Although he stated that the band does not know when the album will be released, he added that, “I want everyone on board and feeling good about it.

Is Serj Tankian’all for’system of a down putting out?

^ “SERJ TANKIAN Says He Is ‘All For’ SYSTEM OF A DOWN Putting Out Previously Unreleased Material”. December 10, 2019.

How did system of a down start?

Guitarist Daron Malakian met Serj Tankian for the first time in 1992 before forming the band a year later. On September 3, 2001, System of a Down had planned on launching their second album at a free concert in Hollywood as a “thank you” to fans.

Is system of a down’s Daron Malakian at creative impasse with Serj Tankian?

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Who are the producers of system of a down?

Production Produced by Rick Rubin with System of a Down Mixed by D. Sardy Engineered by Sylvia Massy Engineer/Assistant Engineer: Greg Fidelman Additional Recording/Finishing Touches: D. Sardy Assistant Engineers: Sam Storey, Nick Raskulinecz Assistant Mixdown Engineers: James Saez, Greg Gordon, Andy Haller

What are system of a down’s songs about?

System of a Down’s lyrics are often oblique or dadaist, and have discussed topics such as drug abuse, politics and sexual intercourse. “Prison Song” criticizes the War on Drugs whereas Rolling Stone describes “Roulette” as a “scared, wounded love letter”.