Is the healer good in Clash of Clans?

Stats. The Healer is a flying unit. She is the only troop with no attacking/offensive capability, but can heal any ground Troops, except when she is defending as a Clan Castle troop (in which case she heals injured Clan Castle Troops and heroes).

Can Battle healer cross the river?

On 6/10/20, a Balance Update allowed the Battle Healer to hover, meaning it can cross the river and will collide with air troops instead of ground troops.

Will there be a TH15 in COC?

Town Hall 15 Release Date Confirmed (2022) New TH15 Hero, Defense, Troop, Concept Leak – COC Bases 2022.

When is the next Clash of clans update?

The first big update of 2021 was an optional update in April. So, if they follow that same pattern, then we should see Supercell pushing out a new Clash of Clans update in April 2022. Of course, if they do, we’ll have all the updates on this page, so keep it bookmarked for future reference.

How many healers can you get from a clan castle?

This number increases to 24 if you include the 3 that can fit into a level 9 or higher Clan Castle. On the battlefield, you can clone an additional 8 Healers with four level 5 or higher Clone Spells (three from the regular spell inventory and one from a max-level Clan Castle), for a total of 32 Healers.

Is the healer blind in clash Arama?

Also, in Clash-a-rama, she was seen to be blind. The Healer is one of the several troops not to have Builder Base or Super Troop counterpart, the others are the Miner, Electro Dragon, Yeti, Dragon Rider, Golem, Ice Golem, and the Headhunter.

What changes have been made to the healer?

The Healer now has an upgrade difference at level 3. Healers can be deployed near obstacles . Added the level 4 Healer. Decreased Healer’s housing space requirement from 20 – 14. Decreased training time from 20m to 15m. Decreased training cost at all levels. Increased hitpoints and heal of Healer (levels 3 and 4).