Is the Indian Railway website for booking railway ticket?

Easy IRCTC Train Booking MakeMyTrip is the leading portal for booking IRCTC train tickets online which is offering the most convenient ways to book train tickets, check train schedule, train availability, and view live train status. IRCTC has been the most used website for train tickets booking…

How do you connect to 139?

  1. Dial139from the Mobile you want to set Destination Alert.
  2. Choose your preferred language.
  3. Select option 7 from the IVR main menu.
  4. Press 2 for Destination Alert.
  5. Enter your 10 digit PNR number.
  6. Press 1 to confirm your PNR number.

How can I book my luggage in Indian Railways?

Luggage which is required to travel by the same train with the owner should be presented at the luggage office of the booking station at least 30 minutes before the advertised departure time of the train . Passengers booking their accommodation in advance are permitted to book their luggage in advance at the same time.

Can we book general ticket online?

Through its online tools, passengers can book not just reserved tickets, but also platform and general tickets, without having to bother with the never-ending queues at railway stations.

Can I buy General railway ticket online?

What is the price per kg in train luggage?

Rates of Booking Luggage in train (INR)

Distance Weight of the Parcel Paid Amount
1-50 km 91-100 kg Rs. 5
51-60 km 1-10 kg Rs. 5.07
51-60 km 51-60 kg Rs. 30.38
61-70 km 71-80 kg Rs.43.21

How can I send luggage by train?

You have to fillout parcel/luggage booking form from Indian Railway portal. You can book your parcel online as well. After completing necessary formalities & payment which is normal in charges & as per weight & delicacy of the goods it depends & mentioned by Indian Railway.

What is the helpline number of Indian Railways for ticket booking?

Regarding any of the query or complaint, the helpline number is 138. For concerns related to ticket reservations through credit or debit card, arrival or departure of trains, fare status or enquiry, accommodation availability, and PNR status, the helpline number is 139.

What are the official websites of Indian Railways?

Following are the Official websites of Indian Railways URL details of all the zonal official websites. Central Railway – Northeast Frontier Railway – South East Central Railway – Southern Railway – sr. indianrailways

How many railway stations are there in India?

The railways traverse the length and breadth of the country, covering 6,909 stations over a total route length of more than 63,327 kilometres (39,350 miles). Indian Railways operates about 9,000 passenger trains daily across twenty-eight states and one Union territory.

Is train travel in India easy to book?

Train travel in India, is relatively inexpensive, when compared to it’s Western counter parts, and is now also easy to book. Trans India Holidays is happy to provide information and arrange bookings for those seeking to travel by train within India.