Is the London Plan 2021 adopted?

The new London Plan has been formally adopted today, four years after its inception. It deals with issues such as housing, the environment and the green belt.

What is the objective of the London Plan?

— London Plan, 2008 The original 2004 objectives were: To accommodate London’s growth within its boundaries without encroaching on open spaces. To make London a better city for people to live in. To make London a more prosperous city with strong and diverse economic growth.

Is the London Plan compulsory?

The London Plan is a statutory strategy required by the Greater London Authority Act 1999. The Act also sets out the general objectives for the Plan, the process for drawing it up, altering and replacing it. It is prepared by the Mayor of London and published by the Greater London Authority.

Is there a minimum size for a flat in UK?

Under the new standard, a new one bed, one person flat would have to be a minimum of 37m² while a three bed, five person home would be a minimum of 93m².

What is new in London Plan?

What is the New London Plan? The London Plan 2021 attempts to shape how the capital will grow by setting policies for those issues – like housing, transport, employment and infrastructure – where what happens in one borough affects what happens in the ones around it.

What is the latest version of the London Plan?

The London Plan 2021 is the Spatial Development Strategy for Greater London. It sets out a framework for how London will develop over the next 20-25 years and the Mayor’s vision for Good Growth.

What is the new London Plan?

Is the London plan a development plan?

The current 2016 Plan (The London Plan consolidated with alterations since 2011) is still the adopted Development Plan, but the Draft London Plan is a material consideration in planning decisions.

When did the London Plan start?

0.8 The first London Plan was published in 2004. Subsequently, two sets of alterations were made to it, and an updated version, bringing these alterations together, was published in February 2008. 0.9 London elected a new Mayor in May 2008.

What is the minimum legal size for a bedroom in the UK?

The minimum sleeping room floor area sizes are: 6.51 m2 for one person over 10 years of age. 10.22 m2 for two persons over 10 years. 4.64 m2 for one child under the age of 10 years.

How small can a bedroom be legally?

In addition, the Housing Act 1985 specifies an effective minimum room size to be 6.51m² (70ft²). Statutory overcrowding may result if a person causes or permits an adult to sleep in a room with a floor area of less than this.

What is the housing delivery test?

The Housing Delivery Test 2021 measurement is an annual measurement of housing delivery in the area of relevant plan-making authorities (non-metropolitan districts, metropolitan boroughs, London boroughs and development corporations with plan-making and decision-making powers).