Is the original SoupMan still in business?

In 2017, the chief financial officer of The Original Soupman was indicted for income tax evasion, and the chain went into bankruptcy, which led to all of its stores being closed. Later in 2017, the chain emerged from bankruptcy under new ownership, and it re-opened a physical location in late 2018.

Where is the Seinfeld soup kitchen?

Review of The Original SoupMan. Description: Established in 1984. In 1984 we opened our doors at 55th Street & 8th Avenue in NYC and quickly became a worldwide destination serving incredibly delicious and unique soups & Lobster Roll sandwiches.

Who was the soup guy?

– From the puffy shirt to Festivus, “Seinfeld,” the show about nothing, is filled with iconic TV moments. One of those is the “No soup for you!” line delivered by Larry Thomas, who played the hilariously stern, stone-faced character known as the “Soup Nazi.”

Is the restaurant in Seinfeld real?

Those who live in the Morningside Heights region of New York might already know this fact, but yes the restaurant used as the exterior for Monk’s Cafe is indeed a real life restaurant. Located at 2880 Broadway in New York City, fans of the show and locals can take a seat in a piece of Seinfeld history.

Is Monk’s Café real?

Monk’s Café is a fictional coffee shop from the NBC sitcom Seinfeld.

What did Kramer do for a living?

Cosmo Kramer
Gender Male
Occupation Bagel Shop Worker (aka “Bagel Technician”) Raincoat Salesman Entrepreneur (Kramerica Industries) Non-fiction Author Mall Santa Tennis Ball Boy Actor/Stand-in Tony Awards Seat-filler Personal Beauty Consultant Underwear model Rickshaw Puller Hansom Carriage Driver

Is Tom’s diner real?

Tom’s restaurant is a family-owned restaurant that has been proudly serving around the 1940s located on the corner of Broadway and West 112th Street in New York. Inspired by the Suzane Vega’s 1987 song ‘Tom’s Diner,’ the place is in the hearts of millions of people and a relaxing place all over the world.

Was Seinfeld shot in NYC?

SEINFELD FILMING LOCATIONS. There are tons of locations throughout New York City that Seinfeld fans will recognize! We cover the key sites in Midtown and the Upper West Side where Jerry Seinfeld and his friends George, Elaine, and Kramer found themselves in one hilarious predicament after the other.

Is the Seinfeld diner still there?

TOM’S RESTAURANT The place has its memory since Jerry Seinfeld’s eponymous character and his friends regularly gathered to eat and chat at the diner for the popular sitcom Seinfeld. At Tom’s restaurant, you get to enjoy the scrumptious line of burgers, fries, stakes – all at one.

Is the diner from Seinfeld real?

Tom’s Restaurant was the locale that inspired Suzanne Vega’s 1987 song “Tom’s Diner.” Later, its exterior was used as a stand-in for the fictional Monk’s Café in the 1989–1998 television sitcom Seinfeld, where comedian Jerry Seinfeld’s eponymous character and his friends regularly gathered to eat.