Is there a demand for taxidermy?

The job outlook for taxidermists should be good over the next decade. Although jobs in museums may be scarce, the demand for hunting and fishing trophies continues to provide work for taxidermists. It is not unusual for qualified taxidermists to have a year’s worth of work backlogged.

Can taxidermy be a job?

If however, you live in an area with good hunting or fishing, and you are self motivated, taxidermy can be extremely lucrative! Long Answer: In ideal conditions, a motivated taxidermist can possibly earn up to $10,000 per month during their busy months, and average over $5000 per month over a 12 month period.

How much can you make doing taxidermy?

The salaries of Taxidermists in the US range from $20,800 to $100,240 , with a median salary of $55,258 . The middle 50% of Taxidermists makes between $44,911 and $55,244, with the top 83% making $100,240.

Is taxidermy a good investment?

While you may save a few bucks, I believe going with a quality taxidermist is a worthy investment and one that should be taken into consideration prior to any hunt. Your animal deserves the best, as do you. It is a piece of your home and something you want to look at with fond memories for years to come.

Is it hard to get into taxidermy?

Taxidermy Training Most taxidermists learned the trade through taxidermy school or an apprenticeship. Taxidermy programs can last from a few weeks to a few months, and apprenticeships typically last at least a year. Most training programs and apprenticeships include many hours of hands-on practice mounting animals.

How do I start taxidermy?


  1. Take a class or buy a kit or guide book before you commit to going to taxidermy school.
  2. Taxidermy school (in my opinion) is not 100% necessary but whether it is beneficial to you or not depends on how you learn.

How do I become a professional taxidermist?

In most states, you can download a taxidermist license application or complete an online application from the website of the state department of natural resources. You have to have a valid state and/or local sales permit in most cases, as well as submitting the required personal information and license fees.

Do deer mounts fade?

Exposure to sun and heat over time can cause the animal’s hide to fade or discolor. Additionally, if anyone in your household smokes, the hide might even begin to yellow. We will do what is needed to give your mount a fresh look and safely preserve it for many years to come.

How to find a quality taxidermist?

Harry Whitehead Jr.,owner of Gunners Taxidermy

  • Brad Kussman,owner of Brad Kussman Taxidermy
  • John Griffith,owner of Griffith’s Taxidermy
  • How do I get licenses to become a taxidermist?

    Contact a wildlife professionals. Reach out to wildlife professionals and learn about the types of animals that will generate the most demand in your area.

  • Develop a specialization. Finding a niche market is a way to establish a clientele as a taxidermist.
  • Join a professional organization.
  • Look for business opportunities.
  • Promote your work.
  • How to become a taxidermist?

    Work Environment. A taxidermist creates preserves deceased animals by creating realistic models from their skin.

  • Education Requirements. A taxidermist is an artist,employing different art techniques,so a well-rounded art education is usually very helpful when pursuing a taxidermy career.
  • Salary and Job Outlook.
  • How to do taxidermy at home?

    Home Taxidermy gives you full step-by-step instructions for 11 crazy ways to preserve and display animal remains. Learn how to tan hides, stuff carcasses, and even create an anatomically-accurate computer mouse! All projects come from, are written by home taxidermy experts, and contain pictures for each step so you can follow along yourself.