Is there a film called Mr Tom?

Goodnight Mister Tom is a 1998 film adaptation by Carlton Television of the novel of the same name by Michelle Magorian. The film was directed by Jack Gold, in his final film. The cast featured well-known British actors, including veteran actor John Thaw.

Is there a sequel to Goodnight Mr Tom?

In Back Home, Michelle Magorian, author of the bestselller Goodnight Mister Tom, tells the powerful and unforgettable story of Rusty, returning to England after being evacuated to America for five years in the Second World War.

What happens in chapter 22 of Goodnight Mr Tom?

In this chapter, Will is struggling to deal with Zach’s sudden death. He avoids places that remind him of Zach, such as the Littles’ cottage. Carrie is also struggling as she feels lonely and isolated, both at school and at home. She wants to talk to Will about Zach but he shuts down every time she brings him up.

Where Is Goodnight Mister Tom filmed?

The exterior village scenes are filmed in Turville, Buckinghamshire, UK. The same village is used for the BBC sitcom “The Vicar of Dibley”. Mr Tom’s home is Sleepy Cottage and adjoins the Dibley vicarage, which is partially hidden by a wooden shed.

What happens to Will’s mum in Goodnight Mr Tom?

After returning to live with Tom, Willie is told by the authorities that his mother had died (by suicide).

What happens in chapter 21 of Goodnight Mr Tom?

In this chapter, Will and his friends are getting ready to go back to school after the long summer. Will and Zach go to see Carrie off to her new high school. When they get to school, they see Geoffrey Sanderton with Miss Thorne.

What happened in chapter 18 of Goodnight Mr Tom?

In this chapter, Will is struggling with nightmares but Tom is there for him each time he wakes up to help him calm down and go back to sleep again. Eventually, Tom allows Zach up to go and see Will and catch him up on all the goings on in the village.

Where is Mr Tom filmed?

Additionally, many of the outdoor scenes of television show Goodnight Mr Tom were filmed in Turville.