Is there a printer in the MSC USF?

The USF Print Center, operated by Pro-Copy, is located in the first floor, retail area of the Marshall Student Center in MSC 1505. The off-campus Pro-Copy store is open 24/7.

Where can I print at USF?

Pay-for-print printing is available for the labs and library research computers. Patrons may add value to their USF ID using the BullBucks vending machine located outside the computer lab. For patrons that do not have a USF ID, debit cards may be purchased from the BullBucks vending machine.

How much is it to print at USF?

USF students are given $2.50 per day to be used for printing on campus. This $2.50 can be applied to any of the printers/plotters in the HMS-Architecture building. Any amount over $2.50 daily can be printed using Bull Buck$. Please verify any printing charges before releasing the print job on card swipe stations.

Can I walk my dog at USF?

Per USF policy, only Service animals (defined as a dog or miniature horse) are allowed inside USF campus buildings. Read the full Animals on Campus policy.

How do I print my USF email?

How to Print to a Pharos Printer

  1. From your USF email address send attachment to: [email protected] for Black and White prints. [email protected] for Color prints.
  2. Go to any Pharos printer, swipe USF ID card to release the print.

How do you add bull bucks to USF?

Students, faculty, and staff are able to add value to their account in several ways:

  1. By going online to
  2. By inserting cash into “cash-to-account” kiosks located at these campus locations:
  3. The Marshall Student Center.
  4. USF Library (Tampa Campus)
  5. USF Health Shimberg Library.

Does USF allow emotional support animals?

Emotional support animals do not qualify as service animals under ADAAA and are not permitted on campus except to the extent the animals are considered Assistance Animals under the FHA as provided in Section (B) above.

How do I connect to USF wireless?


  1. Choose “USF-Guest” wireless network.
  2. Once you are connected to USF-Guest, open your web browser.
  3. On the Guest Registration page, select your method of contact.
  4. After a short waiting period, you will receive a temporary access code.
  5. Enter your mobile phone number, the registration code you received and submit.

What are bull bucks at USF?

Bull Bucks is a campus declining balance program for all USF students, faculty, and staff. Participants add value to their own account which is linked to the USF Card. Bull Bucks reduces the need to carry cash on campus and provides an alternative to commercial bank cards.

What are bull bucks used for?

Bulldog Bucks is UGA’s convenient, secure, and widely accepted campus stored value card program. A stored value card functions much like a debit card and is designed to allow students, faculty, and staff to purchase on-campus services such as vending, dining, print and copying services.