Is there fibre in Fortisip?

Fortisip Compact Fibre is a high energy (2.4kcal/ml), ready to drink, milkshake style nutritional supplement, containing 4.5g fibre per bottle, for the dietary management of disease related malnutrition.

What is the difference between Fortisip compact protein and Fortisip compact?

Fortisip Compact can be used for the same medical reasons as Fortisip, the only difference is that Fortisip Compact is a smaller bottle (200ml and 125ml respectively), yet contains the same kcals (300kcals) and more vitamins and minerals than the Fortisip and so would be ideal for more severe cases of loss of weight.

Is Fortisip compact?

The first fibre-containing compact Oral Nutritional Supplement, designed to manage constipation in patients requiring management of disease-related malnutrition.

How many calories are in Fortisip fiber?

What does Fortisip Multi Fibre contain? Fortisip Multi Fibre is high in calories (300kcal) with 12g of protein, 4.4g of fibre and 28 vitamins and minerals per bottle.

What is the difference between Fortisip and ensure?

Fortisip Bottle contains 13.4 g of sugar compared to 12.32g as found in Ensure Plus Milkshake. Fortisip Neutral and Ensure Plus Neutral both contain the lowest levels of sugar for patients with extremely high sugar levels.

Are Fortisip drinks available on prescription?

Alternatively, starter/initiation packs are available on prescription from the following companies: Nutricia (Fortisip Range Starter Pack) and Abbott Nutrition (Enmix Plus Commence or Ensure Plus Commence).

How many Fortisips can you have a day?

The recommendation for Fortisip is usually between 1 and 3 bottles a day, but this varies depending on an individual’s needs.It is also important to understand that oral nutritional supplements don’t work overnight – it takes time to rebuild your strength back.

Can a person live on Fortisip?

Fortisip is suitable for use as a sole source of nutrients for most people over 6 years of age, but it contains no fibre. Fortisip contains proteins and the vitamins, minerals and trace elements needed for a nutritionally complete diet.