Is this an El Niño year 2022?

La Niña continues in the tropical Pacific, with both the ocean and atmosphere clearly reflecting La Niña conditions. The current forecast favors the continuation of La Niña through the summer (59% chance), with a slightly lower chance into the fall (50-55% chance).

Is it an El Niño year 2022?

“La Niña is favored to continue through the Northern Hemisphere summer (59% chance during June-August 2022), with a 50-55% chance through the Fall. This month, the forecaster consensus predicts Niño-3.4 index values to weaken into the summer but remain below the threshold of La Niña.”

What is the current status of El Nino?

Current climate state: ENSO phase is currently neutral or declining La Niña. SOI analogues: Of the 10 years that most closely resemble the current SOI pattern, 4 or more have shown El Niño characteristics. Sub-surface: Significant sub-surface warming has been observed in the western or central equatorial Pacific Ocean.

How does El Nino affect weather?

Usually, El Nino brings more rain and higher temperatures. Also, warm ocean currents come farther north and all kinds of tropical fish can be caught in the waters far north along the US west coast. El Nino may also bring warmer than normal winters temperatures to the eastern part of the US.

When is the next El Nino year?

El-Nino should arrive already in the second half of the year 2022 according to ECMWF estimates and it´s very probable, that it will continue in all year 2023, maybe 2024 or 2025, too. El-Nino is in the World linked predominantly with hot and dry conditions, severe droughts or wildfires should appear.

Is this year an El Nino year?

La Niña —the cool phase of the El Niño-Southern Oscillation climate pattern—kept a firm grip on the tropical Pacific in January 2022, and there’s 77% chance it will persist through May. Scroll down to learn more about typical U.S. impacts of La Niña.