Is Titus Welliver in season 7 of Bosch?

Titus Welliver on Bosch’s Last Chapter — and Harry Bosch’s Next One. Last week Amazon premiered the seventh and final season of its longest-running show, Bosch, the hit detective series starring Lost and Deadwood alum Titus Welliver.

Who plays the medical examiner in Bosch?

Valerie Cruz: Teresa Corazón, Medical Examiner Jump to: Photos (2)

What happens to Jerry Edgar in Bosch season 7?

Everyone thought they would go together, but Jerry is on to Harry’s game. After visiting CIT Agent Roy Lindell (Matthew Lillard), he will commit career suicide, and he doesn’t want to take anyone down with him.

Who plays the doctor in the first episode of Bosch?

Portrayal. Golliher is played by guest star Alan Rosenberg in the series Bosch.

Who is Harry Bosch dating in season 7?

When celebrating New Year’s Eve at Lt. Billets (Aquino) house, the team gets the call. Though Bosch wasn’t there, he was dating Judge Sobel (Bess Armstrong), who apparently can’t resist his stoic charm.

Was Bosch Cancelled?

Why was Bosch cancelled? Bosch season seven will be the final season of the series after it premiered today (June 25). Despite maintaining a strong following of fans, Amazon Prime made the decision to cancel the series in February of 2020.

Who are the actors in the Bosch advert?


  • Titus Welliver. Harry Bosch 68 Episodes 2021.
  • Jamie Hector. Jerry Edgar 68 Episodes 2021.
  • Annie Wersching. Julia Brasher 68 Episodes 2021.
  • Amy Aquino. Lt.
  • Lance Reddick. Deputy Chief Irvin Irving 68 Episodes 2021.
  • Jason Gedrick. Raynard Waits 68 Episodes 2021.
  • Madison Lintz. Maddie Bosch 61 Episodes 2021.
  • Sarah Clarke.

Who is Harry Bosch dating in Season 7?

What happens to Bosch’s daughter?

Maddie’s Career Choice. Maddie was inadvertently put into the crossfire of a hitman during a case investigation. One that left her mentor Honey Chandler [Mimi Rogers] shot and fighting for her life in the hospital. Ultimately, a shootout in the parking lot of a courthouse followed.

Who is the serial killer in Bosch season 1?

Raynard Waits
Raynard Waits was an alias created by Robert Foxworth in May of 1992 following the murder of Daniel Fitzpatrick and the main antagonist of season 1 in Bosch.

Who plays the psychiatrist on Bosch?

Portrayal. Garcia was played by Gina Gallego in the 2015 streaming series Bosch, in which she fulfilled the same role as Dr. Carmen Hinojos from the novels.