Is Triangle a time loop movie?

The 2009 psychological thriller “Triangle” is perhaps one of the most well-written and intricate time loop films of the last 15 years. Jess (Melissa George), the single mother of an autistic boy, finds herself separated from her son Tommy (Joshua McIvor) and trapped repeating the same horrifying events.

Who is the killer in Triangle?

Jess Kills Everyone Again Jess-3 spots Sally-4 and runs behind her to help. Sally-4 finds a control room and tries to send out a distress signal. This signal is the same as what Greg-3 is shown to receive at the start of the Triangle movie.

What is the point of the movie Triangle?

An additional interpretation of the story is that Jess actually died in the car crash, and the time loop of eternal punishment is her version of Hell. She’s being punished for abusing her special needs son and is now trapped in this reality forever doomed to repeat her fatal actions.

Is the movie Triangle based on a true story?

The movie was based in part on the story of Sisyphus, the Greek mythological figure cursed to repeatedly push a boulder up a hill without ever successfully reaching the top. Smith also was inspired by Dead of Night and Memento.

Where was triangle filmed?

The film is set in Miami, Florida, but was filmed entirely in Queensland. Both Florida and Queensland are known as “The Sunshine State,” a nickname used on a road sign in the film. The film makes many oblique references to The Shining (1980).

What kind of movie is Triangle?

ThrillerPsychological thrillerMysteryFantasy

Where is Heather in Triangle?

Heather was in the bottom of the boat with the others. She was last seen being thrown out of the window by the pressure of the water. Heather was briefly seen at the end of the film as the cycle continues.

Does a triangle have 3 equal sides?

An equilateral triangle has three equal sides and angles.

What ship was used for the movie Triangle?

Aeolus (ship)
Aeolus (ship). The Aeolus is the name of the ship that Jess and others boarded. The Aeolus is a major location during the bulk of the film….Gallery.

Film Triangle
Characters Jess – Greg – Victor – Tommy – Sally – Driver – Downey – Heather

Is triangle worth watching?

Triangle is one of the most underrated movies of all time – one of my favourites. This film has many themes intertwined with one another and that makes it much more deeper than what people give it credit for. On the surface it looks like an okay film with some cool ideas.

What is Triangle rated?

RTriangle / MPAA rating