Is TronScript a virus?

Tron is an open source script that automates the full process of cleaning and disinfecting a Windows system. Built and maintained by the subreddit r/TronScript, it’s essentially a big crowdsourced batch file that runs through a series of steps to clean your computer.

Does TronScript remove malware?

It is designed to remove malware and bloatware, repair damaged operating systems, update old versions of very common applications, free up drive space by clearing out caches, and more.

Is TronScript open source?

Tron is an Open Source script for advanced users that includes a collection of Windows batch files specifically to run tools for scanning, disinfection, and cleanup of your machine.

How do I run a tron script?


  2. Download Tron.
  3. Tron can be run with Windows in either Safe Mode or Regular mode.
  4. Right-click tron.bat and select “Run as Administrator”
  5. Wait anywhere from 3-10 hours (it really takes that long; do not cancel it in the middle of running)
  6. Reboot!

Can TronScript damage your computer?

When Tron deleted that file that function no longer exists, therefore your OS may be “damaged to the point of destruction” unless other parts of Tron (e.g., DISM) can fix it.

Can TronScript remove Trojan?

Tron runs to completion, still can’t get rid of virus : r/TronScript.

Does Tron script really work?

Tron is a useful tool for Windows users; it does a lot of tasks under the hood to ensure your computer keeps running fast. Tron is a relatively larger tool and also takes a lot of time to complete executing the scripts. So, it is recommended to run the tool when you do not want to use your computer for some time.

Who made Tron script?

Screenplay by Steven Lisberger
Story by Steven Lisberger Bonnie MacBird
Produced by Donald Kushner
Starring Jeff Bridges Bruce Boxleitner David Warner Cindy Morgan Barnard Hughes

Can Tronscript damage your computer?

Does Tronscript require Internet?

Tron Script Review. Despite its script-like form-factor, Tron is easy to execute and comes packaged in one executable file. It is completely portable and does not require an internet connection at all.

Is TRON a real game?

Tron is a coin-operated arcade video game manufactured and distributed by Bally Midway in 1982. The game consists of four subgames inspired by the events of the Walt Disney Productions motion picture Tron released earlier in the summer.

Is Tron good antivirus?

While it is a good idea, Tron is really useful and it is an useful tool, not only for removing Malware, it even de-bloats and fixes Windows. Clean installs and formats only bring back that bloatware. Tron runs scanners like: KVRT, Malwarebytes, Sophos Virus Removal Tool, Rkill, etc.