Is Twi in Google Translate?

In its latest update, Google had added the Ghanaian language, “Twi” to its list of languages on Google translate in addition to 24 new languages. The move now brings to 133 the total number of languages available on Google Translate.

How do you say dad in Twi?

dad noun

  1. agya.
  2. papa.

What is I love you in Twi?

Me dɔ wo
1. Me dɔ wo – I love you.

What does Kwasia mean in Twi?

a fool, a plank
@mArtinL_K kwasia: From the Ghanian language of twi meaning a fool, a plank, an…

How do you say Mom in Twi?

mother noun

  1. ɛna; na.
  2. maame.
  3. oni; ni.

What does Akumaa mean in Twi?

noun. akumaa.

How do you say baby in Twi?

baby noun

  1. gye abɔfra no | take the baby.
  2. menyɛ abɔfra | I’m not a baby.
  3. meyɛ abɔfra no, na me ho yɛ fɛ pa ara | when I was a baby, I was very beautiful.
  4. akwadaa no aso yɛ den | the child is stubborn.

What is Kwasia?

@mArtinL_K kwasia: From the Ghanian language of twi meaning a fool, a plank, an…

How to say hello in Ghana Twi?

hɛloo (borrowed)

  • huu (used at the farm/in the bush/forest to locate a partner’s location)
  • agoo (used to draw attention; ask for way to be made; knock on someone’s door)
  • What languages are spoken in Ghana by percentage?

    Official Languages Of Cameroon. Between 1916 and 1960,Cameroon served as the colony of both the United Kingdom and France.

  • National Languages Of Cameroon. The incredible linguistic diversity of Cameroon is easily visible in its huge wealth of national languages.
  • Lingua Franca In Cameroon.
  • Sign Languages In Cameroon.
  • Which is the national language of Ghana?

    National language of. Ghana. is. Akan, English. Ghana. Language (s): Akan, English. Currency: Ghanaian cedi. Capital City: Accra. Country code: +233.

    How to say welcome in Ghana language?

    Mepa wo kyɛw,meyɛhɔhoɔ Please,I am a stranger.

  • Mepa wo kyɛw,kyerɛme kwan no. Please,show me the way.
  • Mepa wo kyɛw,mefiri Kumase. Please,I’m from Kumasi.
  • Akwaaba! Memma wo nsuo?
  • Kofi,mema wo akwaaba. Kofi,I welcome you.
  • Yɛmaa no akwaaba. We welcomed him/her.
  • O,woatua ama me? Medaase!
  • Medaase sɛwoanka. Thank you for not telling.
  • Awurade,meda wo ase.