Is Umicore gold good?

Umicore gold bars are now one of our most commonly requested gold bullion bars and have quickly become one of the most recognised bullion bar brands in the UK and Europe. The Gold Bullion Company is an authorised distributor for Umicore precious metal products.

What is TEP in gold?

TEP Packaging APMEX has created a process to guarantee that our customers receive only authentic Precious Metals products. TEP packaging is your symbol of guarantee that these bars were processed straight from mint-sealed boxes, exactly as they were delivered, providing peace of mind when buying, holding or selling.

What is Heraeus gold?

Our Heraeus bars are pure 999.9 gold, brand new and are supplied with a Certificate of Authenticity. Heraeus are a London Bullion Market Association Approved refiner. All prices include FREE fully insured next day delivery.

How can I check a gold dealer?

Find legitimate gold and silver dealers by checking the American Numismatic Association Dealer Listing (link below). This is especially helpful if you are buying or selling collectible coins. Many of these dealers also buy and sell investment coins and bars of precious metals.

What is Umicore gold?

Our Umicore bars are pure 999.9 gold, brand new with the larger bars supplied with a Certificate of Authenticity. Umicore are a London Bullion Market Association Approved refiner. All prices include FREE fully insured next day delivery.

How big is a 1 gram bar?

Product Specifications

Purity: 99.99% gold minimum (24 karat)
Gold Weight: 1 gram (.0322 troy ounces)
Width (Package): 2-1/8″
Length (Package): 3-3/8″
Thickness (Package): 3/16″

How many dollars is a gram of gold?

59.6 USD
AdvertisementGold Price Per Ounce in US Dollar

Gram US Dollar Gram
1 Gram = 59.6 USD 0.01678 USD
2 Gram = 119.2 USD 0.03356 USD
5 Gram = 297.9 USD 0.08391 USD
10 Gram = 595.9 USD 0.16782 USD

Where is Heraeus gold from?

About Heraeus Bullion Heraeus is the largest precious metals refinery in Germany, headquartered in Hanau, and they manufacture gold, silver and platinum bars for retail investors and for industrial purposes.

How do I find my gold serial number?

916. If you are unable to find the stamp, check the clasp of a necklace, or inner band of a ring. Gold bars will have large markings with a hallmark and stamps of its weight, purity, refiner and a serial number.

Do gold dealers sell fake gold?

In March 2020, the average price of a gold troy ounce is about $1,600, so any offer of a full ounce for a hundred bucks is guaranteed to be fake. Dealers are more likely to sell you gold for prices above the current market value rather than below it.

What is gold certificate of authenticity?

The Certificate of Authenticity (CoA or COA) represents a seal or a sticker placed on a certificate or a piece of paper. This Certificate of Authenticity seal guarantees that the bullion item or coin is authentic. However, unlike an assay, there is no detailed process that certifies the exact the purity of the item.