Is Volare Italian or Spanish song?

Though sung entirely in Italian, “Volare” not only eclipsed all the year’s other records in sales, but won both song and record of the year in the first Grammy Awards (as well as a nomination for Modugno as best male vocalist) — despite competition from a bilingual remake by Dean Martin.

Where does the song Volare originate from?

A song inspired by a Marc Chagall painting and sung by an Italian actor ruled the American airwaves the summer of ’58. The popular music of the late 1950s was dominated by Italian singers from the urban northeast — though you might never guess it with a cursory glance at their names.

Who originally sang the song Volare?

Though it is popularly known as Volare, it’s also called ‘Nel blu dipinto di blu’. The song was originally sung by Domenico Modugno in 1958 and here’s an interesting fact. According to Wikipedia, it is the only foreign language song to win both the Grammy Award for the Record of the Year and Song of the Year in 1958.

Is Volare a Mexican song?

Volare is the Latin and Italian verb to fly; adding an acute accent on the final e (“volaré”) it is also the Spanish word for I will fly. It may refer to: “Volare” (song), a popular Italian song officially titled “Nel blu, dipinto di blu”

What is the meaning behind the song Volare?

Well, Volare essentially is a song that recounts a man’s dream… in which he is floating (or flying) high above the Earth, in the blue sky, with his hands and face painted blue (“nel blu dipinto di blu” = in the blue, painted blue). It’s kind of fantastical and whimsical, as many dreams are.

What does Volare mean in the song?

to fly
Did you know that in Italian “Volare” (the song’s popular name) means “to fly”? You might also know that this well-known, well-loved Italian song often goes by the name “Nel blu dipinto di blu” (its official title).

How do you pronounce Cantare?


  1. IPA: /kanˈ
  2. Audio. 0:02. (file)
  3. Rhymes: -are.
  4. Hyphenation: can‧tà‧re.

Is Cantare a regular verb?

Cantare is a regular -ARE verb conjugated like thousands of other -ARE verbs. Conjugate this and you’ll be able to conjugate other -ARE verbs.