Should compulsory military training be introduced in our educational institutions?

Pros of compulsory military training :- Compulsory military training helps to form a reserve force which can be of help during the times of war & natural calamities. It also transforms people for good. Military training makes people humble, disciplined and matured. It instils a sense of patriotism.

Is military training considered education?

Military training can be categorized as training and specialized education of enlisted personnel; officer training and specialized education; professional military education; and unit training.

What is the military education system?

Military education and training is a process which intends to establish and improve the capabilities of military personnel in their respective roles. Military training may be voluntary or compulsory duty.

What are the educational opportunities provided by the military?

Education programs from the Department of Veterans Affairs. Post-9/11 GI BillĀ®: Provides aid for college education or on-the-job training for those who served on active duty after September 10, 2001. Benefits include support for college degrees, testing costs, job training, apprenticeships and more.

Why is the importance military training?

Ultimately, the goal of military training is to ensure that when the nation goes to war or engages in conflicts or military operations short of war, the armed forces of the United States will be able to accomplish strategic, operational, and tactical objectives.

Do you believe military service should be compulsory give your answer?

If military service is made mandatory, people will not have any option other than joining military for a few years. This will help in strengthening of military. Health is another area where people will be benefitted by joining military. Rigorous exercises and activities help in strengthening both mind and body.

Why military training is important?

Why military education is important?

The main goal of education is to make officers well-informed, competent and responsible citizens of a nation. Military education teaches officers how to think, and to convert knowledge into skills, then the types of skills they hone in their service career.

How do you get into the military education?

Many military training programs count toward course credit, while some branches offer classes on base or online (the Air Force, for instance, has its own community college). All service members are eligible for tuition support through the Post-9/11 GI Bill and other tuition repayment programs.

What is the source system for military education courses?

The ACE Military Guide is the sole source of information for all military courses and occupations evaluated by ACE from 1954 to present.

Is military training compulsory?

India, being a democracy, its constitution has not provided for compulsory military training.