Among all types of science essays, special attention should be paid to the persuasive essay. So, a persuasive essay is an essay that should convince the reader of a particular idea, most often the one you believe in. Such an essay can be usually based on your point of view about anything. The main thing is to convey your point of view to the reader so that he/she eventually agrees with you.

Persuasive essay is very similar in its characteristics to the argumentative essay. The difference between them lies only in the way of presenting information, in the way of convincing the reader. If, when writing an argumentative essay, your main tool was facts, arguments, statistics, which left no doubt, then in your persuasive essay your main weapon are emotions and opinions.

Therefore, knowing and using some tips, it will be much easier for you to get ready and start writing a persuasive essay.

The algorithm of persuasive essay writing in whole is developed, and it should be used. First of all, your task is to think about the topic. How specific and detailed should it be disclosed? Practice shows that it is better to consider the topic too narrowly than too broadly, so that general reasoning usually tires the reader and gives the impression of “empty talk” in the text.

Read the assignment carefully. As a rule, such an essay is written on the instructions of the teacher.

Rate your audience, pay attention to the readers. What seems convincing to one will not convince the other. It is important to think about who your target audience is, to whom your arguments will seem convincing, and focus on their experience.

Conceptual map

How to write an essay that will be logical and coherent? You will take care of this in the next step. It lies in the fact that you make a map of ideas, it is better if it is a “tree of ideas” connected by associative chains of different degrees of logic. Of course, in the process of writing you will remove and add something, but the “tree” as an approximate plan will help you a lot. If you are limited in time, try to draw a “tree” schematically.

Think about the main thing

Next, you need to come up with a sentence-thesis. It will summarize the entire content of your persuasive essay. It must be approached responsibly. Traditionally, in the classic persuasive essay the abstract sentence is written last in the first paragraph. Perhaps, after writing a draft, you will expand or narrow it, seeking maximum accuracy in the expression of thoughts. People who know how to write an essay pay particular attention to the proposal.

Main elements

Once you come up with a thesis proposal, write the introduction and conclusion. Only after that the body of the essay should be written. The body consists of 3-4 paragraphs. Be careful, the basic thoughts should be stated in the first sentence of each paragraph.

Facts and some comments

How to write a persuasive essay, if you are in a comfortable environment and not very limited in time? Be sure to collect accurate and vivid factual data on the Web to illustrate your ideas. If you do not have access to the source and you are not sure about the accuracy of the data, it is better to refrain and not specify them. Falsification of data when writing an essay is a sign of intellectual negligence and is punished seriously. Remember, in the persuasive essay, the emphasis is not on facts, but on interesting emotional ideas.

How to work with literature

How to write an essay on a little-known topic? Begin by studying books called basic books – usually suggested by the teacher when getting acquainted with the subject. Theoretically, you need to buy them and walk with a pencil from the heart, inventing special markings in the margins. You can create your own system for designating such elements as book theses, illustrations, proofs, rules, definitions. Then you will remember all the important details perfectly. It takes less time than note-taking, and the effect of such work on the text is higher. In addition, you can immediately indicate all the thoughts that come to mind and will be needed for the essay.

As you can see, knowing the characteristics of persuasive essay and using our tips, you can easily begin to write a strong persuasive essay. Every person should be able to write such essays, because this skill will definitely come in handy in the future when expressing one’s own position in controversial points in both personal and professional lives. However, persuasive essay writing is not as easy as pie, so students often seek help from specialized writing services, such as Such services as will help you cope with persuasive essay writing quickly and efficiently without harm to your academic performance!