The response essay is a new type of essay in the world of writing. They are somewhat similar to the literary essays, as they also require your reaction to a piece of literature. Moreover, you still have to read a lot in order to succeed in writing. Yet, there are some differences between these two. One of the biggest differences between the two is the fact that you usually pick the topic for the response essay on your own, instead of getting one in case of the literary essay. That allows you to find a book that fits you the best and which is the most interesting to you personally. However, that brings a problem for some of the students, as now they have to deal with the choice of the topic, thus the creation of the title. It seems like a thing, which is not that important. Yet, in reality, the title is something, which is either making people read your article or just skip it without even reading a string. Therefore, create the best possible title for your response essay if you want to have the best result. If you try to find some information on this topic online, you are probably going to find nothing, as this topic is not considered to be important. Therefore, this article is going to provide you with the information on the topic choice and the title creation. Here are some of the tips.

  1. Pick the topic, which is close to you

We have all been in a situation where the topic, which the teachers give, is not suiting your interests. That makes the text creation a hard task. Yet, if you are the one picking the idea for the text, you must pick something that you are good at. That might seem like an easy task, but in reality, you are not going to pick it in a couple minutes. To make sure that your topic is a good one, it is useful to check the information on it online. Afterward, make sure that there is a literature piece on such topic, as you will have to respond to it with some of your own thoughts. Every respond essay will require a lot of thinking, as you will need to create your own ideas that would protest the ideas of the author or would make them better.

  1. Create an interesting title

As said before, the title is something that is going to attract the readers to your text. Therefore, make sure to create the best possible title. The main rule is the length of the title. You might have seen the titles consisting of two or more lines. The names like that usually look ugly and people often think that the long name means a lot of official or scientific information inside the text. On the other hand, the short names often do not bring any useful information to the reader. That means that they would not be interested enough to read the text behind that name. However, in some rare cases, the first or the second type might be the best to use. For example, at some news, you cannot make a title shorter than two lines. Therefore, if it is possible, try to get the best length title. Also, do not pick some of the topics, which are known only among a small group of people. Such texts are usually set to fail, as only a little amount of people would understand the content. Therefore, make sure to pay attention to the number of people you want to target when creating a title and choosing the topic.

  1. Write the text that responds to the title

In every country, there is a mass media, some info here –, company that is known for creating fake news. They often use the “shocking” titles to attract people to the text. In reality, when the reader starts to inspect the text, they find out that the inside of the article is something, which is far away from the original title. If an author has more than one or two texts like this they might not be able to get out of a situation where people do not trust them. Therefore, in your title describe only the things, which are going to be included in your response essay.

  1. Check it for the mistakes

That sounds like a fun part because nobody ever makes mistakes in the titles. Yet, if you have been on the Web for more than a month, you will surely remember a situation, where you saw an essay with a mistake in the title of a text. Therefore, give it a second or so and look for the mistakes in the title and the following sentences before the full-text check.