Was Steve Nash a good free throw shooter?

Steve Nash is the best free throw shooter of all time at 90.43%… just ahead of Mark Price and Steph Curry. He shot 90% on his first free throw and 91% on his second free throw. One, those are very high percentages.

How good of a shooter was Steve Nash?

Steve Nash is one of the best shooters the game of basketball has ever witnessed. While he and Mark Price are the only two point guards ever to shoot 50-40-90 in a season on 10 or more shot attempts per game, Nash is the only player to have accomplished the feat more than twice (he did it four times).

How many free throws has Steve Nash made?

Steve Nash missed 44 free throws in the playoffs in his career.

Steve Nash 1996-97 0.5
Steve Nash 1997-98 0.8
Steve Nash 2000-01 2.5
Steve Nash 2001-02 3.8

Who is the best free-throw shooter in history?

Karl Malone holds the record for most free throws scored in career: 9,787 free throws. Malone also holds the record for attempts, with 13,188 free throws attempted with a percentage of 74.20%.

Who is the best NBA free-throw shooter ever?

Top 10 NBA Players With The Best Free-Throw Percentage Of All Time: Stephen Curry Is The Greatest FT Shooter Of All-Time

  • Chauncey Billups – 89.40% (4496 FTM)
  • Peja Stojakovic – 89.48% (2237 FTM)
  • Rick Barry – 89.98% (3818 FTM)
  • Mark Price – 90.39% (2135 FTM)
  • Steve Nash – 90.43% (3060 FTM)
  • Stephen Curry – 90.80% (2972 FTM)

How do you practice free throws?

2. The 2 Free Throw Workout

  1. Corner to Wing Cut – 3 Shots – Shot, 1 dribble lay up, 1 dribble jump shot.
  2. 2 Free Throws.
  3. Corner to Wing Cut – 3 Shots – Shot, 1 dribble lay up, 1 dribble jump shot.
  4. 2 Free Throws.
  5. Corner to Wing Cut – 3 Shots – Shot, 1 dribble lay up, 1 dribble jump shot.
  6. 2 Free Throws.

Who is the greatest 3 point shooter of all time?

The Complete List

Rank Player 3-Pointers Made
1 Stephen Curry 3117
2 Kyle Korver 2450
3 Steve Kerr 726
4 Ray Allen 2973

Has Steve Nash ever missed both free throws?

On the contrary, there is 2x MVP Steve Nash, who has missed more than 23 free throws in only 5 out of the 13 seasons he played in the NBA. In a 2016 game between the Detroit Pistons and the Houston Rockets, Drummond synced a dismal 13 out of the 36 attempts he had at the free throw.

Has Steve Nash missed a free-throw?

Steve Nash had 324 missed free throws in his career.