Was the movie Postman based on a true story?

The Postman is a 1997 American post-apocalyptic action adventure film produced and directed by Kevin Costner, who plays the lead role….The Postman (film)

The Postman
Directed by Kevin Costner
Screenplay by Eric Roth Brian Helgeland
Based on The Postman by David Brin
Produced by Jim Wilson Steve Tisch Kevin Costner

Where in Central Oregon was The Postman filmed?

Metaline Falls Residents Have Mixed Emotions After The Completion Of Filming For Kevin Costner’s New Movie ‘The Postman’ This little town is returning to normal after a couple of months as a Warner Bros.

Was Tom Petty in the movie The Postman?

As with many cameo roles, the bulk of Petty’s were a little tongue-in-cheek—as in The Postman, in which Petty played the mayor of Bridge City. The film—more or less Kevin Costner’s dystopian vision of the future, set in the American West—was a huge flop, but Petty’s turn is delightful and left-field.

Was The Postman a flop?

Once all the mail was collected, “The Postman” only grossed about $21 million worldwide, netting a loss of $69 million.

Where is the dam in The Postman?

The 1997 film The Postman was partially filmed at the dam. A facade of the town (Bridge City in the film) appeared on the face of the dam for a period of time that year….

Boundary Dam
Owner(s) City of Seattle
Dam and spillways
Type of dam Arch-gravity
Impounds Pend Oreille River

Who was the famous singer in The Postman movie?

Tom Petty
What rock star could survive the apocalypse? Tom Petty, of course. In the Kevin Costner 1997 box office dud ‘The Postman,’ Petty appears as the mayor of Bridge City, who apparently was someone famous in another life.

Who was the little boy in The Postman?

Joe Costner
Joe Costner: Letter Boy.