Was waiganjo a real police officer?

The Police Service has reinstated John M’mbijiwe, the former Rift Valley provincial police officer who was interdicted in the notorious Waiganjo fake cop saga. M’mbijiwe has been appointed to the rank of Assistant Inspector General, retroactive to October 1, 2014.

Who is waiganjo?

On 4 January 2013 a man Joshua Karianjahi Waiganjo, was arrested after allegedly pretending to be an assistant commissioner of police for five years. He was discovered after flying on a police helicopter to investigate the massacre of officers in Baragoi.

Who is Kamotho Waiganjo?

Kamotho Waiganjo was married to Lorna Seneiya, a Nairobi-based publishing consultant and journalist. The two have three adult children. Like the Waigurus, Kamotho and his ex are said to be in amicable terms.

Who is John mbijiwe?

Mr Mbijiwe, a vocal security consultant, has been missing since June 12. His car was discovered in a coffee plantation near Tatu City in Kiambu. It had been hired from Mr Edward Mwangi for three weeks, for business purposes, according to the owner.

Who is Ann Waiguru husband?

Anne Waiguru

Her Excellency Anne Mumbi Waiguru EGH, OGW
Born 16 April 1971
Nationality Kenyan
Political party United Democratic Alliance (Kenya)
Spouse(s) Kamotho Waiganjo

How old is Waiguru?

51 years (April 16, 1971)Anne Waiguru / Age

Where did Waiguru go to school?

Precious Blood Secondary School, Riruta
University of NairobiEgerton University – Njoro
Anne Waiguru/Education

Does Waiguru have kids?

Ian WaiguruAnne Waiguru / Children

How old is Anne Waiguru?

Who is the biological mother of June Ruto?

June Ruto was born into Dr William Ruto and Rachael Ruto. Her father, Dr William Ruto, is the Deputy President of Kenya. June Ruto is the first child they got before they got more children. She has five other siblings (2 female, one male and others details unknown).