What age group is cosmic kids for?

MODULES. Story-based kids yoga works best for kids aged between 3 and 9. For younger and older kids we adapt our approach slightly – we go through how to do this and share a class plan for each age group.

Is The Cosmic Kids Yoga app free?

Try free for 14 days, no ads, playlists, downloads, our full catalogue & more. Kids love to follow Jaime as she goes on yoga adventures and explains mindfulness in ways that they really get.

Where can I watch cosmic kids?

You can watch Cosmic Kids Yoga for free on Sensical TV.

What channel is Cosmic Kids Yoga on?

Description. Come and join the Cosmic Kids Yoga YouTube channel by clicking to subscribe.

Is Cosmic Kids Yoga good for adults?

Cosmic Kids Yoga isn’t perfect, at least for adults. It moves faster than I would like for my stretches and is loud, but its effect at transitioning kids from the couch to the mat, and creating a space to introduce them to the benefits of a routine wellness practice are invaluable.

What is RCYT?

Yoga Ed.’s RCYT – Registered Children’s Yoga Teacher – Certificate with a Trauma-Informed Focus is an immersive 95-hour online program designed for anyone inspired to teach yoga and mindfulness to children and teens in a trauma-informed way.

Is Cosmic yoga good for kids?

Improves balance, alignment and coordination with practice of postures. Helps children develop a positive image of their body and an awareness of how to look after it.

How much does the Cosmic Kids Yoga app cost?

Only $10/month or a $65/year subscription fee. What’s most important is that your child or student can practice yoga and mindfulness in a safe and encouraging environment for an affordable price. The Cosmic Kids App will give you peace of mind.

Who is Jamie from cosmic yoga?

Amor is the star, writer, and co-owner of Cosmic Kids Yoga, a mindfulness and yoga platform for children that has been around since 2012.

How many subscribers does Cosmic Kids Yoga have?

‘ so that we can continue improving what we offer.” This mentality has certainly kept Cosmic Kids on an upwards trajectory, with almost 250 million views and 1.14 million subscribers to date.

What is RPYT?

Registered Prenatal Yoga Teacher (RPYT®) Teachers can register as a RPYT if they have successfully completed both a 200-hour yoga teacher training and an 85-hour prenatal yoga training—in either order—that are registered with Yoga Alliance.

What is CYT yoga?

A CYT or ‘certified yoga teacher’ is a yoga teacher that has completed any all-encompassing yoga teacher training. A CYT has completed the number of required learning hours that their chosen school has designated as the minimum educational hours to complete to earn a yoga teaching certification from their program.