What age is kindergarten in Victoria?

It is usual for children to attend a kindergarten program in the year before they start primary school. This is often called ‘four-year-old kindergarten’. Your child can start school if they turn five years old by 30 April of the year they start school.

What is the cut off date for school in Australia?

School Age Cut-Off Dates – Australia

State Cut-off Date
New South Wales (NSW) 31 July
Victoria (VIC), Australian Capital Territory (ACT) 30 April
Queensland (QLD), Western Australia (WA), Northern Territory (NT) 30 June
South Australia (SA) 1 May

What is the school leaving age in Victoria?

17 years old
The legal leaving age is 17 In Victoria, the law is: Your child cannot leave schooling until they are 17 years old. Your child must go to a school campus (or an approved alternative) until they finish year 10.

What is compulsory age that students must start school at in Australia?

6th birthday
By law, all children must be in compulsory schooling by their 6th birthday. When your child starts school is an individual decision.

Is 4 year old kindergarten compulsory in Victoria?

The Victorian kindergarten program is a one to two-year preschool program for children before they start primary school. Kindergarten is not compulsory in Victoria but most children attend at least the second year (four-year-old kindergarten) – to develop social, mental and physical skills in preparation for school.

Is kindergarten compulsory in Victoria?

Can I leave school at 16 if I have a job?

Some teenagers wonder if it is okay to leave school or college with the intention of working on a job full-time. In reality, it is not legal to get a full-time job before a student hits the school leaving age.

What age do children start prep in Victoria?

The first year of school in Victoria is called Prep – which is short for ‘preparatory year’. Victorian children are allowed to start school on the first day of first term as long as they turn 5 by April 30 that year.

Is Kindergarten compulsory in Victoria?

What is the difference between Kindy and preschool?

New South Wales (NSW) Kindergarten in NSW is the first year of primary school. On the other hand, preschool is a voluntary educational program for children aged three and five years old.