What angle do you sharpen spokeshave blades?

about 25 degrees
Most spokeshaves require a bevel angle of about 25 degrees. Step two is flattening the cap iron. This can be done on the stone, but first you will want to remove any paint with a file, so your stones don’t get clogged with paint.

How do you sharpen and set up spokeshave?

Cap Iron before and after gallery:

  1. Place the cap iron so it is slightly overhanging the edge of the wood.
  2. Use a screw to hold the cap iron in place.
  3. Use a file to start to refine the front face.
  4. If the cap iron moves, put 2 more screws to hold it in place.
  5. Use long strokes with the file and follow the camber.

How do you sharpen a concave spokeshave blade?

Place the blade bevel side down on the sharpening tool and then tilt it forward on the heel until the bevel is flat on the tool. Keeping firm pressure on the bevel and the angle steady, move the blade around the sharpening tool in a comfortable motion. Repeat on finer grains until the blade is shiny and smooth.

Why does my spokeshave chatter?

One thing that can cause chatter is if the bed the iron sits on isn’t flat or the cap iron from edge isn’t flat. You might have to file the bed or get the iron front edge flat.

Is a spokeshave bevel up or down?

There essentially are two major types of spokeshaves: those where the cutting bevel faces up toward the user and those where the cutting bevel faces down against the work. Historically, wooden-bodied spokeshaves have always had the bevel facing up, much like a block plane.

Are spokeshave bevel up or down?

What is purpose of spoke shave?

A spokeshave is a hand tool used to shape and smooth woods in woodworking jobs such as making cart wheel spokes, chair legs, paddles, bows, and arrows. The tool consists of a blade fixed into the body of the tool, which has a handle for each hand.