What are 3 synonyms for different?

synonyms for different

  • contrasting.
  • disparate.
  • distant.
  • distinct.
  • distinctive.
  • divergent.
  • diverse.
  • offbeat.

What are the examples of different?

The definition of different is something that isn’t the same, something that is out of the ordinary or something that is separate. An example of different is the color black compared to the color white. An example of different is a new movie that uses film techniques never used before.

What is the root word of different?

late 14c., “not the same, unlike, dissimilar in nature or quality as well as state of being,” from Old French different (14c.), from Latin differentem (nominative differens) “differing, different,” present participle of differre “to set apart,” from assimilated form of dis- “apart, away from” (see dis-) + ferre “to …

What is the prefix of different?

Common Prefixes

Prefix Meaning Examples
hetero- different, other heterosexual, heterodox, heterogeneous
homo-, homeo- same, alike homonym, homophone, homeostasis
hyper- over, more, beyond hyperactive, hypersensitive, hypercritical
il-, im-, in-, ir- not, without illegal, immoral, inconsiderate, irresponsible

How do you say much different?

synonyms for more different

  1. contrasting.
  2. disparate.
  3. distinct.
  4. distinctive.
  5. diverse.
  6. offbeat.
  7. peculiar.
  8. various.

What is another word for not the same?

What is another word for not the same?

different dissimilar
disparate contrasting
distinct distinctive
incompatible inconsistent
unlike clashing

How do you use different?

When we compare two or more items, it is usually followed by from. We also use different to, especially in speaking: Adam is so different from/to his brother. This house is very different from/to your last one.