What are Audi coming home lights?

The coming home function lights up the area round the vehicle after dark when the ignition has been switched off and the driver’s door opened. It switches on the fog lights, rear lights and number plate lights. This function can be set to operate for a time interval between 0 (off) and 30 or 60 seconds.

What is coming & leaving home headlight function?

Coming Home / Leaving Home System The same lights are switched on when you unlock your car with the remote control. In this way your car’s lights help to illuminate the way to and from your front door, whenever you arrive or set off in the dark.

How do you turn on the Coming Home lights on an Audi a3 8p?

1) Press the button to the bottom right on the light switch. 2) When there is light in the button, Coming Home & Leaving Home is active. 3) You can always deactivate the feature by pressing the button again.

How do you turn on the Audi lights?

To be able to use the main beam headlights again you must first pull the main beam lever back to the “off” position and then push it forward to “on”. For safety reasons, the dipped beam headlights will then be switched on permanently when the light switch is set to the AUTO position.

What is coming home function?

The Coming Home function makes it easier to see your surroundings when you get out of your car in the dark.

What is a coming home function?

What are leaving home lights?

By the leaving-home function SEAT refers to activation of parts of the lighting system on the car as soon as the central locking is opened via the remote control. These include dipped beam, tail lights and number plate lights.

Does Audi A1 have automatic lights?

On Audi A1s for some markets, the daytime running lights * are switched on and off together with the ignition. AUTO * – The automatic headlights switch on (and off again) automatically according to the ambient light conditions (for instance at dusk, in the rain or in a tunnel).

What is welcome home lighting?

#2 ยท Jul 7, 2016. Only show this user. Leaving Home turns on your lights when you unlock the car with the remote. Coming Home turns the lights off for you after a time, when you turn off the car. Both of these require you leave the lights turned on.