What are blue tongue skinks favorite food?

The Best Food for Blue Tongue Skinks, Hands-Down Fruit and Veggies: Remember to keep fruit to a minimum and stick mostly to veggies. The best vegetables for blue tongue skinks are collard greens, dandelion greens, green beans, arugula, mustard greens, and endive. The best fruits are berries, squash, apple, and papaya.

Do blue tongue skinks like being petted?

They’re generally happy to be handled. Blue tongues tend to be gentle, intelligent, inquisitive, easily tamed lizards that often like to be handled. Many even enjoy being petted or having their heads scratched. Children should be supervised when handling them, as the reptiles can become startled and jump.

Should I Feed My blue tongue skink everyday?

Don’t overdo the greens though. 6-12 months: If deemed healthy by a herp vet, your Blue-tongued skink can now be fed with insects, greens and vegetables but every other day. 12 months +: Again, if deemed healthy, feeding three times a week is plenty following the insect, greens and vegetable diet.

Can skinks eat pasta?

Pasta is not natural food for skinks, and is too high in carbohydrates.

Can blue tongues eat banana?

Bluetongues are omnivores and should be offered a variety of foods such as insects e.g. crickets, worms, snails and slugs. They will eat a range of chopped fruits and vegetables including dandelion, milk thistle, watercress, banana, apple, pawpaw, pear, green beans, carrots, alfafa sprouts, parsley and tomato.

Can blue tongue skinks eat hard boiled eggs?

Yes, you can offer your blue tongue skink eggs as a treat every once per month or so. However, eggs are very high in fat and cholesterol, which can contribute to obesity and other related health problems.

Can I bathe my blue tongue skink?

Provide a large, shallow, and sturdy water dish inside—skinks like to bathe in their water but also often defecate there, so frequent cleaning will be required. Blue-tongued skinks don’t need branches for climbing since they are strictly ground dwellers.

How long can a blue tongue skink go without food?

A blue tongue skink can go weeks without eating – blue tongue skinks during brumation can go up to 3 months without food. However, this is not recommended outside brumation – babies will not survive for too long because they don’t have as much internal fat storage as adults.

Can blue tongues eat tomato?

Can blue tongue skinks eat egg shells?

Re: Eggs? Egg shells are fine at any age, but I would probably grind them up to powder and sprinkle it on other food rather that giving a whole egg. Small eggs that they can get their mouth around are fine, but a huge chicken egg is kinda big for a BTS to deal with whole.

Can blue tongue skinks eat sugar snap peas?

Blue tongue skinks are omnivores, and in the wild they eat plants, vegetables, fruits, berries, blossoms, dead animals, bugs….Best safe and non-toxic greens and vegetable list for blue tongue skinks.

Staple Feed occasionally Feed rarely
Summer squash Snap peas – pods and peas Radicchio