What are cheat codes for Super Mario 3?

Super Mario Bros. 3 Game Genie Codes

Cheat Effect Cheat Code
Multi-Jumps GZUXNGEI
Super speed running OXKZELSX
Start on World 2 PEUZUGAA
Start on World 3 ZEUZUGAA

How do you fly with the turtle shell in Super Mario Bros. 3?

When the Power Meter is all the way to the top, Mario’s arms open, a whistle blows and the (P) will flash. When this happens, you can press the A Button repeatedly to fly. * Pick up a shell After you have jumped on a Koopa, you can pick up the shell by hitting it from the side while you have the B Button pressed.

How do you get past the tornado in Super Mario Bros. 3?

The only way to get past one is to run until the Power Meter is fully charged, and then jump into the air before colliding with the Tornado. There is no way for Mario to defeat a tornado in this game, and thus they will always remain in the same location.

Are there secret worlds in Super Mario 3?

25 The White Mushroom Houses Toad Houses made their debut in Super Mario Bros. 3, where the player is rewarded with a power-up or a special item after opening a treasure chest. However, there are seven secret White Mushroom Houses that can be unlocked throughout the gameplay.

How do you use the bear suit in Super Mario Bros. 3?

The Tanooki Suit is a rare item found in Super Mario Bros. 3 and its subsequent remake. It transforms Mario and Luigi into Tanooki Mario and Tanooki Luigi. The suit grants the same abilities as the Super Leaf, with the added ability of turning into a statue when the player presses down and B at the same time.

How do you pick up a shell in Super Mario 3d world?

Koopa Shells: Did you know Mario and friends can ride inside Koopa Shells and destroy enemies? Pick one up with the Y or X buttons, then hold the ZL or ZR buttons. You may also find rare gold shells that produce a ton of gold coins when kicked.