What are EDI releases?

The EDI 830 document, also referred to as the EDI Planning Schedule with Release, is used by a buyer to communicate anticipated demand for products for a specific period, typically for the next three to six months.

What are the EDI codes?

Common EDI Transactions, Sets, & Codes

  • EDI 102 – Associated Data.
  • EDI 242 – Data Status Tracking.
  • EDI 815 – Cryptographic Service Message.
  • EDI 864 – Text Message.
  • EDI 868 – Electronic Form Structure.
  • EDI 993 – Secured Receipt or Acknowledgment.
  • EDI 997 – Functional Acknowledgment.
  • EDI 999 – Implementation Acknowledgment.

What is an 862 EDI document?

EDI 862 is an electronic data interchange document that is used in just-in-time manufacturing to often supplement an existing EDI 830 Planning Schedule with Release Capability.

What is an 830 in EDI?

An EDI 830 is also known as a Planning Schedule with Release Capability. This EDI transaction set is usually sent from a manufacturer to one of their vendors/suppliers, and details anticipated needs for a specified period of time.

What are the two major EDI standards?

In general, there are two basic types of EDI transmission: Point-to-point or direct connections: Two computers or systems connect with no intermediary over the internet, generally with secure protocols. Value-added network (VAN): A third-party network manages data transmission, generally with a mail boxing paradigm.

What is an 852 EDI document?

EDI 852 is also known as a Product Activity Data report. This EDI transaction set is used primarily to share data related to inventory positions and movements (such as sales and restocking), between suppliers and retailers.

What is an EDI 823?

EDI 823, also known as a Lockbox transaction, is an electronic data interchange document used by banks and other lockbox providers. The Lockbox document includes key information on incoming payments, allowing business partners to streamline the payments process.

What is an EDI 845?

EDI 845, also known as a Price Authorization Acknowledgement/Status document, is an electronic data interchange transaction set used by vendors or manufacturers to communicate pricing updates to distributors or resellers.

How many EDI standards are there?

There are more than 300 different types of X12 EDI standards, all delegated by a different three-digit number, for numerous industries such as finance, government, health care, insurance, transportation, and others.

What is an 864 EDI document?

EDI 864 is an electronic data interchange transaction set that replaces an e-mail, fax, or phone call. It is used by a variety of suppliers, manufacturers, 3PLs, retailers and other supply chain partners to send free form text.