What are good seats at Wells Fargo?

The best seats at Wells Fargo are definitely the club and box seats. This includes sections such as the Club Boxes (CB), Cadillac Club, and the Suites 1 thru 82. The views are always good and the catering is great. They also have high-def screens throughout most of these premium seats.

How are the seats numbered at Wells Fargo Center?

Seat Numbers – The lower seat numbers are closer to the adjacent sections with a lower number, so seat number 1 of F1 or floor 1 is towards the side of the stage while seat number 18 is towards the center of the stage or F2. This rule of thumb holds true for all of the sections throughout Wells Fargo Center, PA.

How many seats are in the Wells Fargo Center Philadelphia?

19,500Wells Fargo Center / Capacity

Are Revolutionary row seats good?

Revolutionary Row Reviews The view is decent for being so high up, but the overall experience negates any positive aspects. As my wife put it, “It’s like watching a basketball game in a bar I’d never go to.” TBH that makes it sound better than it was.

How many seats are in a row at Wells Fargo?

There are usually 14-18 seats per row with seat 1 on the left aisle as you look towards the stage. For the most popular concerts, sections 106-108 are extended onto the floor to create sections 106A-108A.

Do Sixers club box seats include food?

Courtside Seats / Club 76 Amenities for the Club 76 courtside seats include VIP parking in the H lot, access to the Cadillac Grille and the Lexus Courtside Club, complimentary food and drinks and a waitstaff that will bring these items to you.

How many fans fit in Wells Fargo Center?

Are there capacity limits at the Wells Fargo Center? No. The Wells Fargo Center began operating at 100% capacity in June, allowing about 19,500 guests to attend games and events.

What is the revolutionary row at Wells Fargo?

The only “fixed” seats offered within New City Terrace are “Revolutionary Row”– a season ticket option that boasts a front-row view to all Flyers and Sixers games. Guests will enjoy top-shelf amenities including generously-cushioned seats with built-in charging stations.

What is the Assembly Room at Wells Fargo Center?

Located at the top of Wells Fargo Center, this is a lounge area that gives ticketholders a social area from which to watch the game. There are no assigned seats in the Assembly Room. Instead, fans can mingle in the open-concept lounge and bar area with concessions, social seating and televisions.

Are floor seats worth the price?

There is no firm answer as to whether floor seats are worth the money or not. It all depends on the concertgoer and what is important to them when it comes to a concert experience. If being close to the artist listening to loud music and dancing with a large crowd is your idea of fun, then floor seats are worth it.

What is in the round seating?

A theatre in the round, arena theatre or central staging is a space for theatre in which the audience surrounds the stage.

Which rows have photos on the Well Fargo Center seating chart?

Wells Fargo Center – Interactive Seating Chart Green rows have photos Related PhotosSchedule & TicketsHotelsRestaurantsAbout Seating Charts all basketball hockey Thank You For Filling In This Chart Add Your Photos Highlight Sections none at center court at center ice at zamboni entrance away team shoot twice zone behind an endzone

Where is the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia PA?

Wells Fargo Center 3601 South Broad Street, Philadelphia, PA 19148 (215) 336-3600 – Main Number/Box Office (215) 389-9571 – Guest Services Wells Fargo Center Website

What are Platinum Seats at Wells Fargo Center?

Wells Fargo Center Platinum Seats are premium tickets to events made available by artists and promoters. They give fans access to some of the best seats in the arena. How many rows are in each section at Wells Fargo Center?

What is the capacity of the Wells Fargo Center?

The Wells Fargo Center has capacities of 20,478 for basketball, 19,306 for hockey and 21,000 for concerts. How many rows are in the lower level at Wells Fargo Center?