What are lumberjack competitions called?

Today, these lumberjack competitions (also called logging sports, timbersports, or woodsman teams) bring in huge audiences (both live and televised) to see their amateur, collegiate, and professional competitors.

How do you qualify for Stihl Timbersports?

To be considered for inclusion in either the 2021 STIHL TIMBERSPORTS Pro or Rookie competition, an application form and resume must be completed and returned by January 31, 2021. A $100 registration fee must be included with the application.

Is the lumberjack games real?

The Lumberjack World Championships are held annually in Hayward, Wisconsin. The event began in 1960 and is held at the Lumberjack Bowl. There are 21 events for both men and women to compete for over $50,000 in prize money.

What is a logging competition?

World Logging Championship (WLC) is a competition between foresters taking place usually every two years in different parts of the world. The main focus is placed on handling a chainsaw well. Participants are evaluated on their speed, quality, and safety in each discipline.

How much do STIHL TIMBERSPORTS make?

Top prizes at some fairs are $1,000. The Stihl Timbersports Series is a traveling series of contests. It divides $100,000 in cash and prizes among the best lumberjacks and lumberjills.

How do you get into TIMBERSPORTS?

How do I get into TIMBERSPORTS®? TIMBERSPORTS® is an international and action-packed extreme sport. In order to train and compete in TIMBERSPORTS®, you must have completed the training courses provided by STIHL TIMBERSPORTS®. TIMBERSPORTS® trainingcamps are divided into beginner’s camp and continuation camp.

How do you get into timber sports?

What axe is used in competition?

Hults Bruk Atran Felling Axe In axe racing competitions, they generally use softwoods, and Hults Bruk axe models excel at chopping through softwoods. It has a 4.25 inch cutting edge, a 32-inch handle, and is hand-forged from Swedish steel in a foundry that has been operating since 1697.

What is a competition axe?

A lumberjack axe – also known as a competition axe or Racing axe – is a custom-made axe for chopping fresh, knot-free white pine during Timbersports events. Most are manufactured in Australia or New Zealand by Brute Forge or Tuatahi and cost around $500.

What is one of the lumberjack competition events?

Standing Block Chopping This event simulates a tree standing in the forest. At the start of go, each Lumberjack thrust their axe deep into the trunk of the tree as fast and hard as they possibly can. The idea is, who’s ever tree falls first, is the champion.