What are paddock girls?

Paddock girls, also referred to as grid girls or umbrella girls, are responsible for holding umbrellas over the racers at the starting lines to provide shade.

What does an umbrella girl do?

The duties of an umbrella girl sounded relatively simple: An umbrella girl acts as a representative for a motor sports event. She wears clothes bearing the logo of the motor sport and should interact with fans by way of smiling and posing for photographs galore.

How long is High Point MX?

1.2 miles
High Point Raceway is a motocross track near Mount Morris, Pennsylvania….High Point Raceway.

“The Country Club of Motocross”
Surface Clay
Length 1.2 miles
Turns 18
Amateur Track

What is a moto in dirt bike racing?

A motocross race is actually made up of two races, called motos. Professional motos are 30 minutes plus two laps long. Amateur motos usually last between 12 and 20 minutes.

What happened to MotoGP paddock girls?

A few teams seem to have agreed with this view, ceasing the use of paddock girls as part of their racing promotional activities. Pull&Bear Aspar Ducati have stopped including paddock girls in the team, saying such a practice is no longer part of their, or their sponsor’s, image in 2017.

Are there still grid girls in MotoGP?

There are now doubts about the future of Grid Girls and the like at any number of events around the world. Lucky for MotoGP fans Dorna have, for now, made no such move to ban Grid Girls, with many in MotoGP saying it is political correctness gone mad.

What is High Point Racing?

High Point Racing is a driver development team based out of Moorpark, CA. With over 20 years of experience in short track racing, HPR has helped develop drivers such as NASCAR Cup Series star Cole Custer, NASCAR Xfinity Series veterans Ryan Reed and Dylan Lupton, and USAC Champion/World of Outlaws winner Logan Seavey.

How many acres is High Point Raceway?


Approx Size 300 acres
Climate Type Urban/man-made
Elevation 1200 to 1300 ft.
Rider Traffic Many
Ranges/Gunfire None

What is C class motocross?

C class= sketchy. B class= faster sketchy.

Why are paddock girls banned from MotoGP?

Some quarters have asked for the practice of having paddock girls as part of race teams and racing festivities be stopped, in a bid to attract female fans to the sport. Others have said that, in a male-dominated paddock, the image of the only females on the grid purely as “decoration” is sexist.