What are predicate nouns and adjectives?

The predicate explains the action. There’s often a linking verb (like is or became) in between the two. A predicate nominative is a noun that completes the linking verb in a sentence. Predicate adjectives complete the linking verb by describing the subject of a sentence.

What is a predicate noun with examples?

A predicate noun, also called the predicate nominative, is a noun that comes after a linking verb. The predicate noun renames or re-identifies the subject. A predicate nominative only exists after a linking verb. Predicate Noun Examples: Lisa is my mother.

What is an example of a predicate adjective?

When an adjective modifies the subject but is found in the predicate of the sentence, it’s a predicate adjective. Examples of predicate adjectives include: The dog is cute. The dog appears happy.

What is a noun as a predicate noun?

A predicate noun, also known as a predicate nominative, is a noun or a noun phrase that follows a linking verb to provide additional information about the subject of a sentence.

How do you identify a predicate noun?

To find a predicate noun:

  1. Find the verb.
  2. Is the verb and action verb or a linking verb?
  3. If the verb is a linking verb, you could have a predicate noun or a predicate adjective.
  4. Look for the word after the linking verb that renames or describes the subject.

How do you identify a predicate adjective?

Let’s define “predicate adjective.” The simplest predicate adjective definition is that it describes or modifies the subject of a sentence. This type of modifying word appears after the subject of the sentence, which is normally a noun or pronoun. The describing word will also connect to a sentence with a linking verb.

How do you identify a predicate noun in a sentence?

Is teacher a predicate noun?

For example: Johnson was my teacher.” The noun in the predicate is “teacher.” “Teacher” is the predicate nominative.

How do you find a predicate?

Finding the Predicate Predicates can be one verb or verb phrase (simple predicate), two or more verbs joined with a conjunction (compound predicate), or even all the words in the sentence that give more information about the subject (complete predicate). To find the predicate, simply look for what the subject is doing.

How do you find a predicate noun?

Are children predicate nouns?

Predicate Nouns in Quotes “We are the world / We are the children / We are the ones who make a brighter day.” “I am the king of the world!”