What are the 2 veins in arm?

Many superficial veins from the forearm converge just below tghe elbow to form two large veins – the basilic and the cephalic. The cephalic vein stays at a superficial level as it runs up the arm over the biceps.

What veins drain the palms and forearm?

The median antebrachial vein drains the palm and anterior forearm into the basilica vein or median cubital vein. It stems off into smaller superficial branches in the palm and anterior forearm. These are known as tributaries.

What veins drain the arm?

The arm muscles will drain into the brachial, axillary, and subclavian vein. The muscles that have an attachment in the forearm will also drain into the ulnar and radial veins.

Which of the following is a deep vein of the forearm?

Classification Superficial and deep veins
Veins of the arm and axilla Superficial veins: Basilic vein, cephalic vein Deep veins: Brachial veins, axillary vein, subclavian vein
Veins of the forearm Superficial veins: Basilic vein, cephalic vein Deep veins: Anterior and posterior interosseous veins, ulnar veins, radial veins

What vein drains the radial and ulnar veins?

Brachial vein
Along with the ulnar vein, the radial vein belongs to the deep veins of the forearm. The main function of the radial vein is to drain the venous blood from the deep structures of the hand, the lateral forearm and the elbow joint….Radial veins.

Origin Deep palmar venous arch
Drains to Brachial vein

Which of the following are deep veins?

There are seven deep veins located in the lower extremities, they include:

  • Popliteal.
  • Peroneal.
  • Profunda femoris.
  • Common femoral.
  • Femoral.
  • Anterior tibial.
  • Posterio tibial.

What two antecubital veins should be used for venipuncture?

The median cubital vein, the preferred one to use, is found close to the center, and the basilic vein is located on the inner, or medial part of the antecubital area.

Are there 2 radial veins?

The radial vein is a paired vessel found in the lateral forearm, extending from the hand to the cubital fossa. The pair of radial veins are defined as the venae comitantes of the radial artery, meaning that there are two radial veins accompanying the radial artery on either side.

Are there two ulnar veins?

The ulnar vein is one of the two major deep veins of the forearm, along with the radial vein. As is usual in the upper and lower limbs, there are often two veins (venae comitantes) that run on either side of the ulnar artery and anastomose freely with each other.