What are the 3 main airline alliances?

There are three major airline alliances Star Alliance, oneworld and SkyTeam, each made up of different carriers which determines what routes and options are available for their respective Round the World airfares.

When did Air NZ join Star Alliance?

March 1999
The New Zealand air transport market underwent deregulation in 1990, prompting Air New Zealand to acquire a 50% stake in Ansett Transport Industries in 1995. In March 1999, Air New Zealand became a member of the Star Alliance.

How many Star Alliance are there?

26 members
Today, the 26 members of the Star Alliance include popular airlines like United and Lufthansa, as well as regional carriers like Brussels Airlines and Croatia Airlines.

Is Air NZ part of Star Alliance?

Air New Zealand is proud to be a member of the Star Alliance network. Wherever in the world you may be going, there are many benefits when you travel with Air New Zealand and other Star Alliance member airlines.

Is Qatar a Star Alliance?

A oneworld member since 2013, Qatar Airways is one of the most frequent recipients of Airline of the Year awards, and has maintained a Skytrax five-star ranking since 2004.

How many airlines are in the Star Alliance?

On 14 May 1997, an agreement was announced forming Star Alliance from five airlines on three continents: United Airlines, Scandinavian Airlines, Thai Airways, Air Canada, and Lufthansa. The alliance chose Young & Rubicam for advertising, with a budget of $25 million (€18 million).

What are the best airline alliance Awards?

We are proud winners of numerous awards, including the Air Transport World Market Leadership Award and Best Airline Alliance by Business Traveller Magazine. Star Alliance was also voted Best Airline Alliance in 2019 by SKYTRAX World Airline Awards for the fourth consecutive year. IATA Travel Pass

What is an airline alliance and how does it work?

An airline alliance is a way for airlines to collaborate and use their resources to each other’s benefit. By codesharing on flights, passengers can accumulate frequent flyer miles even though they are flying on a different airline to the one they are affiliated with.