What are the beautiful places in Vigan?

Discover Calle Crisologo​

  • Visit National Museum of the Philippines.
  • Check Out Vigan Cathedral.
  • See the Bantay Church Bell Tower.
  • Visit Vigan Mansions and Museums.
  • Visit the Pagburnayan Jar Factory.
  • Explore Plaza Burgos.
  • See Animals at Baluarte Zoo.
  • Why Calle Crisologo is famous?

    As one of the best-preserved heritage sites in Vigan, Calle Crisologo boasts a unique atmosphere that would take you back in time. Heritage houses built centuries ago line up both sides of the street, depicting Spanish-influenced architecture preserved for several centuries.

    Why do you like Vigan City?

    One of the few remaining historic colonial capitals of the Philippines that is authentic to its Spanish Colonial days, Vigan city is a wonderful historic and Unesco World Heritage site that is worthy of a visit especially if you stay in any of the beautiful hotels that have been remodeled from an old historic home.

    Why is Vigan worth visiting?

    Firstly, Vigan is the best-preserved planned Spanish colonial city in Asia and is a part of the UNESCO World Heritage List; secondly, the cobblestone streets of well-restored Calle Crisologo are traffic free which is such a relief when traveling in Asia so you can focus only on sightseeing and do not worry about your …

    What do you love about Vigan?

    Vigan recently made headlines for joining CNN’s list of most picturesque towns in Asia, and it’s not hard to see why—this quaint city with an old-time charm never fails to blow away visitors with its well-preserved colonial-era architecture and, of course, its vibrant culinary scene.

    What is amazing about the weather in Vigan?

    Vigan has some extremely humid months, and above average humidity throughout the year. The least humid month is January (65.5% relative humidity), and the most humid month is August (82.6%). Wind in Vigan is usually extremely calm.