What are the cross curricular competencies?

The cross-curricular competencies are the set of intellectual, personal, and social skills that all students need to develop in order to engage in deeper learning—learning that encourages students to look at things from different perspectives, to see the relationships between their learning in different subjects, and …

What are the 3 competencies of a teacher?

These competencies were classified into three broad performance dimensions: professional practice, leadership and management, and personal effectiveness. A competent teacher seizes every opportunity to encourage learning, believing that all students can learn.

What is cross-curricular teaching?

Cross-curricular teaching, or instruction that intentionally applies multiple academic disciplines simultaneously, is an effective way to teach students transferable problem solving skills, give real-world meaning to school assignments, and increase engagement and rigor.

What is cross-curricular teaching and learning?

Cross-curricular learning involves establishing patterns of information between different academic subjects. It offers a creative way of developing knowledge, understanding and practical skills through a study of interconnected topics.

What are core competencies in teaching?

The Core Competencies are sets of intellectual, personal, and social and emotional proficiencies that all students need in order to engage in deep, lifelong learning.

What are the competencies of K to 12 curriculum?

The four core blended teaching competencies—(1) Online integration, (2) Data practices, (3) Personalization, and (4) Online interaction—can be mastered by any teacher in any subject area. These competencies are built on a foundation of positive dispositions and basic technology skills.

What are the examples of competencies?

List of competencies

Energy Motivating Adaptability
Perseverance Determination Courage
Situational awareness Attention to detail Understanding of the environment
Cooperation Independent learning Self-knowledge
Entrepreneurship Leadership Ability to learn

What aspects of learning are best taught using a cross curricular approach?

Cross-curricular work offers a creative way to develop children’s knowledge, skills and understanding while motivating them to learn through stimulating, interconnected topics. A study which crosses subject boundaries allows for investigations that engage children’s imagination.