What are the Defence lines of development?

Defence Line of Development (DLOD) provides a way of view a programme, set of programmes or strategy from a specific perspective. In a sense it provides a means for the Ministry of Defence (MoD) – United Kingdom for matrix management of a programme or strategy.

What is tepid oil?

The lines of development are classified by the acronym TEPID-OIL, which stands for: • Training. • Equipment. • Personnel. • Infrastructure.

What is fundamental input to capability?

These Fundamental Inputs to Capability must be integrated and managed within a defined or constraining financial envelope in order to realise and sustain a capability: a deficiency in any one adversely impacts the whole.

What is capability assurance?

The assurance capability is the enterprise capability system which functions to realize corrective action boards, external auditing, certification, and assuring business continuity, legal, safety, security and mission success.

What are the types of capabilities?

shows four types of capabilities: essential capabilities, business necessity capabilities, strategic support capabilities, and advantage capabilities. These are all necessary, in different degrees, to the running of a business.

What is head capability?

The Head of Capability Development is a key role in the HR team, primarily responsible for shaping, scoping, planning and managing delivery of an approach to capability development for HMCTS that meets both the organisation’s future capability needs across business skills, qualifications, leadership and management and …

What is the role of a capability manager?

Description. The capability manager is responsible for meeting current operational requirements, with the sustainable use of current capabilities, and the development of future capabilities, to meet the sometimes competing strategic and current operational objectives of an enterprise.

What is Defence capability life cycle?

The Capability Life Cycle provides Defence with an end-to-end process for capability development and deliveryof capital projects, and associated through-life support, related to major capital equipment, infrastructure,enterprise enablers and information and communicationstechnology.

What is Enterprise assurance?

Enterprise architecture (EA) assurance is the process whose ultimate goal is to ensure that the agreed-on standards and principles created during the architecture creation process are realized and adhered to.

What are the 4ps of service strategy?

What are the four P’s in service strategy? There are four building blocks of the service strategy stage: perspective, position, plan, and pattern. These four P’s guide your service strategy and play an integral role in how you outline and implement your service plans.

What is capability and development?

Capability development refers to creating a new capability or enhancing an existing one. Capability evolution, capability growth, capability expansion and capability maturation are often used interchangeably for this idea.