What are the dimensions of a CO2 dragster?


A. Dragster body length 305 mm
B. Dragster body height at rear with wheels 75 mm
C. Dragster body mass / weight with wheels 170 g
D. Dragster body width at axles – front & back 42 mm

How long is a CO2 car track?

CO2 dragsters are cars used as miniature racing cars which are propelled by a carbon dioxide cartridge, pierced to start the release of the gas, and which race on a typically 60 feet (18 metres) track. They are frequently used to demonstrate mechanical principles such as mass, force, acceleration, and aerodynamics.

What makes a good CO2 dragster?

Simply put, the less weight your dragster has, the faster it will go. This is the most important factor that will figure into your design. Keep it light! Thrust: The gas escaping from the CO2 cartridge in the car.

How do you make a CO2 car?

  1. Step 1: Create Design. To create my design, I used CorelDraw x3.
  2. Step 2: Print Design and Cut. I then laser printed my design on the wood, I used a saw to cut it out.
  3. Step 3: Drill Holes.
  4. Step 4: Add Axels.
  5. Step 5: Use Washers.
  6. Step 6: Add Wheels.
  7. Step 7: Add CO2 Cartridge, and GO!
  8. Step 8: Ask Questions!

How much does a CO2 dragster weigh?

It weighs 3600 pounds. Fuel consumption is about 40 gallons per minute. Your dragster uses a CO2 cartridge for power. The cartridge contains CO2 gas under pressure.

How fast does a CO2 dragster go?

70 miles per hour
They’re fast, too — on a 65.5-foot (20-meter) track, the cars can cross the finish line in just over a second, traveling at nearly 70 miles per hour (112.7 kilometers per hour)!

What is the fastest CO2 dragster design?

The recent Braden River High graduate built the fastest CO2 dragster in the nation, racing his way to a first-place finish in the Technology Student Association’s national dragster competition and setting a national record of . 925 seconds on a 65-foot track.

What affects the speed of a CO2 car?

Aerodynamics, thrust-to-weight ratio, surface drag, rolling resistance and friction–all play a role in what makes a CO2 car fast or slow.

What is a co 2 dragster?

Bring thrill to your classroom or competition with CO 2 dragsters! Dragsters are an exciting method to teach the design process. Students design a prototype and then produce an actual CO 2 -powered dragster and race it!

How to choose CO2 cartridge for Dragster?

The choice of CO2 cartridge for dragster may vary depending upon the amount of pressure they need to have. The kind of cartridge used depends on the purpose as well. The body of the car is constructed with the help of a piece of wood by drilling and shaping it. In general, basswood and balsa wood is used.

What materials do I need to build a co 2 dragster?

Students design a prototype and then produce an actual CO 2 -powered dragster and race it! Kits and packs are available in Fusion, balsa wood, and basswood. All three blanks are officially approved by the Technology Student Association (TSA) for use in CO 2 dragster competition!

What is a dragster miniature?

This design for a dragster miniature has wheels that are externally placed and an extremely narrow chassis. It is one of the easiest models to make. The design is also such that it causes a reduction in the mass of the car, thus increasing speed efficiency.