What are the document types in SAP?

SAP FI – Define Document Type

Document Type Document Type Description
DR Customer Invoice
DZ Customer Payment
KA Vendor Document
KG Vendor Credit Memo

What is document type RE in SAP?

In SAP LIV this gross invoice posting and net invoice posting is controlled by the definition of invoice document type as shown below. Transaction code OBF4. RE – Gross Invoice Posting. RN – Net Invoice Posting. Gross Invoice Doc.type: RE.

What are the document types in SAP MM?

SAP MM – Purchase Order (PO)

  • SAP MM – Contracts.
  • SAP MM – Pricing Procedure.
  • SAP MM – Material Requirement Planning (MRP)
  • SAP MM – Inventory Management.
  • SAP MM – Invoice Verificationt Process.
  • SAP MM – Invoice Valuation Process.
  • SAP MM – Procurement Process.
  • What is RG document type in SAP?

    Accounting->Financial Accounting ->Accounts Payable->Document Entry->Invoice, the SAP default document is an KR (a credit note is a KG) Logistics->Materials Management-Invoice Verification-Invoice Verification, the SAP default document is an RE (a credit note is a RG)

    What is Document Type in purchase order?

    Document Type is a required field within the Procurement modules in SWIFT. This field differentiates among the functions for a requisition, solicitation, contract, or purchase order. The Purchase Order Document Type guide provides an overview of the purchase order document types that may or may not reference contracts.

    What is RV Doc type in SAP?

    RV indicates billing document transfer, and is the default document type for SD billing documents (i.e. customer invoices). RE indicates invoice receipt, and is the default document type for MM billing documents (i.e. vendor invoices).

    What is re l in SAP?

    RE-L : Invoice. WE : Goods Receipt.

    What is Document type in purchase order?

    What is ZP Doc type?

    It controls the document number ranges. It controls the Header part of document. IT controls the line item level of the document. Helps filing of physical document. Configuration: OBA7.