What are the festivals in Catanduanes?

CATANDUANES Feasts & festivals

Town Fiesta Patron Saint
Bagamanoc June 12 St. Anthony of Padua
Baras August 10 St. Lawrence the Martyr
Bato June 24 St. John the Baptist
Caramoran June 24 St. John the Baptist

Why is Catandungan festival celebrated?

The Catandungan Festival is an event that celebrates the town’s anniversary and its freedom from the province of Albay. The festival is filled with various form of merriment such as; Pantomina, beauty pageant, guided tours and photo exhibits.

What are the different types of Catanduanes?

Catanduanes climate falls under the type II of the “Coronas Classification” for climatic zones, having no distinct dry season with a very pronounced rainfall, usually from November to January when storms are more frequent and low pressure systems are active.

What is the famous festival in Masbate?

Pangumagat festival is a yearly celebration of Balud Masbate. It held in 2nd week of April and had been an attraction to tourists. The word “pangumagat” means “panguma” and “panagat” which are the mean source of income in this place.

What is the region of Catanduanes?

Bicol Region
Catanduanes is located off the coast of the Bicol Region in the southern part of Luzon and faces the Pacific Ocean. Because of its location, the province is usually the first place in the Philippines to get battered by typhoons, and so the province is nicknamed the “Land of the Howling Winds.”

What is the purpose of peñafrancia festival?

A religious festival honoring the feast day of Our Lady of Penafrancia, Patroness of the Bicol Region.

Why is Catanduanes called Happy island?

Catanduanes as the “Happy Island®” was first coined/branded way back in November 3, 2013 when (Karlo Adrianne R. Aguilar) of ICatanduanes Culture + Fashion (a souvenir shop of Go Catanduanes) released it’s newest t-shirt/bagtag design for Catanduanes and it’s called “Happy Island”.

Where is Catanduanes in Philippine map?

Catanduanes is situated on the easternmost edge of Luzon: 13.3 to 14.1 degrees north latitudes and between 124.1 and 124.3 degrees east longitudes. The island bounded on the west by the Maqueda Channel, on the south by Lagonoy Gulf, and on the north and east by the Philippine Sea.

What is the first name of Catanduanes?

Etymology. Catanduanes’ earliest recorded name was Isla de Cobos. This was the name given to it by Spanish conquistadores, early in 1573, when they came upon several tribes on the island who were living in the thatched huts that the tribal people called cobos.