What are the items available in military canteen?

Car, Bike, Scooter, Television, Washing machines, Refrigerators, Air conditions, and Tractors are available under the Category -1 AFD Items. The AFD Category -2 items are available in URC Canteen. Geyser, Oven, Sewing machines, Cooking items, Air coolers, Mattress, etc., are directly purchased from the army canteen.

Why the products are cheaper in army canteen?

Why CSD Items are cheaper? The reason is only Tax. CSD selling all products through their Depot or URC Canteen without tax. Tax exemption is allowed to CSD only.

Can I buy from Army canteen?

In fact, one can even purchase a car at subsidized rates through Army canteen. There are as many as 34 CSD Depots across the country and an eligible person can purchase a vehicle through the nearest outlet.

How much discount do we get in army canteen?

All goods available at a cheaper price, a minimum of 15% less than of market price. So whatever needs first priority to CSD military canteen.

Is bullet available in CSD?

Yes. Royal Enfield Bullet 350 BS-VI bikes are available in the CSD Army canteen with two variants.

Can we get laptop from Army canteen?

Is the laptop available in the Indian Army Canteen? Yes, the Indian Army Canteen Laptop Model List is available in particular CSD Canteen. HP Laptop and Desktop available models in CSD Canteen (Delhi and Pune).

Is Duster available in CSD?

Updated CSD Price List for Renault Cars: Renault car comes in 3 Models namely KWID, Triber and Duster but now in CSD only Kwid and Triber are available.

Who is eligible for CSD canteen?

In accordance with Army Order AO 32 / 84, Ex-Servicemen and their families and Ex-defence personnel with minimum 5 years of service are entitled to CSD (I) Canteen facilities available in units / establishments. Cadets / Recruits boarded out on medical grounds are also entitled to avail CSD facilities.

Is BMW available in CSD?

Yes, BMW 5 Series is available through CSD canteen.

What is the price of bullet standard 350 through CSD canteen?

The CSD AFD price of the Royal Enfield Classic 350 EFI Signals bike is Rs. 171846. The CSD AFD price of the Royal Enfield Classic 350 EFI Stealth Black BS6 two-wheeler is Rs. 177216.

Are mobiles available in CSD canteen?

List of available Mobile brand and model in CSD Military Canteen. We are not sure that the Mobile Handsets are available in all CSD (URC Canteen) Depot Canteen….Samsung Mobile Price in CSD Canteen 2022.

CSD Samsung Galaxy Price 2022
Galaxy Tab A 8.0 (Wi-Fi) Rs. 9,349
A22 5G (6/128 GB) Rs. 18,155
A03s (3/32 GB) Rs. 9,985