What are the places in The Simpsons?

Simpsons: 10 Iconic Locations That Should Be Featured At A Themed Disney Land

  • 3 Elementary School.
  • 4 Town Hall.
  • 5 Moe’s Tavern.
  • 6 Nuclear Power Plant.
  • 7 Krusty Burger.
  • 8 Burns Manor.
  • 9 Simpson’s Home.
  • 10 The Kwik-E-Mart. The Kwik-E-Mart, owned by Apu, is one of the most iconic locations in Simpsons history.

What is The Simpsons world called?

The main characters are the Simpson family, who live in a fictional “Middle America” town of Springfield.

What city streets inspired Simpson character names?

Portland’s Street Names May Be Familiar to Simpsons Fans Lovejoy… Flanders… why do so many Portland streets seem to share names with Simpsons characters? Actually, it’s no coincidence; Matt Groening simply thought it would be funny to name Simpsons characters after his hometown streets.

Is Springfield a real place?

Springfield was intended to represent “Anytown, USA” and not derive from any specific real-life location, although the producers acknowledge basing the town on numerous locations including The Simpsons creator Matt Groening’s hometown of Portland, Oregon, and Mike Scully’s hometown, Springfield, Massachusetts.

What state is The Simpsons in?

Matt Groening has been keeping a secret for more than 20 years, but he’s finally broken his silence: He’s revealed which state Springfield, the location of “The Simpsons,” is located in. The answer? Oregon. Not a total shock, considering Groening grew up in Portland, Ore.

What town is Springfield in The Simpsons based on?

Springfield In ‘Simpsons’ Was Based On Town In Oregon All Along : The Two-Way Matt Groening tells Smithsonian magazine that the show’s location is based on Springfield, Ore. He credits the idea of naming it Springfield to the hit TV show Father Knows Best.

Is The Simpsons based in Oregon?

Does Portland have streets named after The Simpsons?

Joseph Manuel. Matt Groening, creator of The Simpsons, grew up in Portland on a street called Evergreen Terrace (which he would later use as the name of the street the Simpsons live on).

Is The Simpsons set in Illinois?

Those who are avid fans of the show, and acquainted with political strife in Illinois, might have picked up on some subtle parallels over the years that are all too familiar to Illinoisans. We’ve listed 20 undeniable reasons why the Simpsons actually live in Springfield, Ill.