What are the products of Central Luzon?

The principal products are copra, rice, banana, coffee, pepper, and citrus, plus various wood products and fish. There is some cottage weaving, and the provincial government is trying to develop food-processing and wood-processing industry. Aurora was transferred to Region III by Executive Order No.

What are some natural resources can be found in Central Luzon?

NATURAL RESOURCES Central Luzon is rich in timber and mineral resources (both metallic and non-metallic). Aurora is known for its timber; Zambales for its refractory chromite, copper and nickel deposits; Tarlac for Manganese; Bulacan for marble; Pampanga for sand and gravel; and Nueva Ecija for feldspar.

What are the main industries in Central Luzon?

Luzon has important lumbering and mining industries; there are gold, chromite, nickel, copper, and iron deposits, and the bamboo on Bataan peninsula has many commercial uses. Manufacturing is centered in the Manila metropolitan area, where the major industries produce textiles, chemicals, and metal products.

What are the major crops in Region 3 Central Luzon?

The country’s major agricultural crops are rice, corn, coconut, sugarcane, banana, cassava, pineapple, and vegetables.

What is the product of Visayas?

An agricultural region, Eastern Visayas produces different kinds of crops, from rice to coconut to sugarcane.

What are the products of Mindanao?

The region has corporate plantations and has a great capacity for producing palm oil, citronella oil, coffee, and timber trees. Major agricultural products of this region are banana, corn, palay, calamansi, mango, and coconut.

What makes Central Luzon unique?

The festival is held every year between January and February and it is the country’s biggest aviation sports event. Over 100 air-balloon pilots from around the world ride their colorful balloons in the sky. The event also features skydiving, choreographed kite-flying, freestyle acrobatics, and kite making.

What are the main resources of the Philippines?

The natural resources of the Philippines include copper, timber, nickel, petroleum, silver, gold, cobalt, and salt.

What are the products of Region 4a?

The special setting, “Best Products of CALABARZON,” highlighted the best products manufactured from the region such as bags, baskets, slippers, hats, shawls, storages, wine bags, and food like tablea, muscovado, coffee, honey vinegar, ginger tea, cashew nuts, etc.

What are the products in region 3?

Major products include rice, corn, sugar cane, and tilapia.

What are the main crops of Culture in Region 3?

Although rice is the major crop, its vast and fertile plains are highly suitable for growing almost all agricultural crops.

What is the product of Mindanao?