What are the requirements for building an eco house?

What Does an Eco House Have?

  • High levels of insulation.
  • High levels of airtightness.
  • Good levels of daylight.
  • Superior double or triple-glazed windows.
  • Passive solar orientation — glazing oriented south for light and heat, and minimum north-facing glazing to reduce heat loss.
  • Thermal mass to absorb that solar heat.

Where are eco houses located?

An eco-house starts life facing the Sun. Ideally, the site for the house should have a south westerly aspect and be protected from the north and east.

Are eco homes more expensive to buy?

So, the price of an eco-friendly home can be a bit high. This should not be a worry, say experts. “When we take the full cycle cost of a building, there is a negligible increase. The incremental cost of using green technologies such as insulation and hypo-thermal glass is maximum 5-8%.

Why do people want sustainable homes?

People are spending most of their time at home as a result of the pandemic and want a house that is energy efficient so that the amount of power consumed can be reduced. Living in sustainable houses improves the quality of life and limits harmful effects on the environment.

How are eco homes insulated?

Eco Home Energy Services has been proven to reduce your energy bills. The spray foam loft insulation will seal the air within your property, preventing heat loss. This will dramatically reduce your winter heating bills by up to 45%, therefore reducing your annual energy spend.

Do eco houses need planning permission?

Getting planning permission for an eco-building project will often be no more difficult than for a conventional building. It will depend on the location, and whether specific rules will apply to the look of your building. In some cases the choice of building material may be a factor.